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The Latest Trend of Cold Press Juicing

We all are aware of the significance of eating fruits and veggies. However, it becomes challenging sometimes when you are in a rush. It takes a lot of time to eat them raw. Hence, juicing is the best alternative to get maximum benefits.

Now, let's determine the best machine that can provide nutrient-rich juice. Cold press juicing has been around us for several years. It has brought advancement to juicing trend.

What is Cold Press Juicing?

The process includes hydraulic pressure for squeezing every ounce of juice from the fruits or veggies. The market has numerous products involving BES COLD PRESS JUICER for you. This method will provide you with an extra quantity of juice and more nutrients than others.

Apart from that, the 'war' form of fruits or veggies will remain the same as no heating process. Unlike centrifugal juicers, cold press juicing uses a low oxidation level. Besides, the freshness of the juice will stay the same. However, the juice from the centrifugal juicer doesn't stay longer.

Moreover, according to the company's claim, cold press juicing is more beneficial than the traditional juicing process. Let's have a look over the extra benefits of cold process juicing.

Juice concentration

The juices are made through natural ingredients, so there will be no sugar. Apart from that, there is no preservation for keeping it fresh. Cold press juicing maintains it as realistic as raw. Low oxidation will prevent heat generation.

By choosing a tetra pack of juice, there will be sugar syrups with preservations. While on the other hand, the fresh juices from the juice corner can be diluted. Hence, the juice from cold pressing juicing is better than the others.

Nutrient-Rich content

Unlike other juicers, the cold press juicing method involves pressing the fruit. It makes it more beneficial. At the same time, the centrifugal juicer carries blades. It produces heat during the process and makes the juice less healthy and fresh. As the edge revolves around, it generates heat immediately. Hence the liquid will lose its nutritional value.

Another reason is the sensitivity of Vitamin C from light and heat. Therefore, the facts and theories will always recommend cold press juicing for you.

Health benefits of cold press juicing

One of the biggest perks of cold press juicing is' numerous nutrients' in a glass of juice. People who don't have much time to spend overeating fruits or veggies should go for juicing. It will save time and money as well.

The taste and flavor of juice will be different than other juices as it uses the pressing method. However, be aware that the process may remove fiber from the juice. Natural sugar will be carrying many calories, so you don't have to add up more. You can use cold press juicing for weight loss.


Although, cold press juicing can be costly. However, it is worthy enough to give it a shot. Many additional perks are attractive sufficient to provide some extra money. You can even use a cold press juicer for frozen fruits. Isn't it amazing? Purchase and BEST COLD PRESS JUICER and thanks me later.

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