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Do Coffee Naps Work?

Have you ever heard of power naps? They are short afternoon naps that can instantly restore your energy levels, boost your cognition, and make you feel better. They have been very popular throughout history. Actually, many well-known individuals such as Salvador Dali, Winston Churchill, and even Thomas Edison were known nappers. While power naps can be very beneficial (and science confirm many of the anecdotal benefits), we recently see a new popular trend that might sound totally contradicted - so-called coffee naps.

Yes, coffee naps are a real thing, and they are growing in popularity. One of the main reasons for such popularity is the fact that many people who tried coffee naps before say that they make you feel even more energized compared to just "standard power naps."

How exactly is that possible? According to science, coffee needs about 15-20 minutes to reach your bloodstream. That's also the optimal power nap time - about 15 minutes. So if you carefully plan your napping timeout, you can actually get the double benefits and energy boost - the one from napping, and another one from the coffee (which is the world's most popular stimulant).

You can also arrange to have regular deliveries of coffee to ensure you're always feeling great and never have to worry about keeping stock of it.

If you ever drank coffee, you know how great you feel after a strong Americano. And if you ever took an afternoon nap, you should also be aware of the benefits you get after an afternoon nap.

Now combine the two and whoila, you should feel energized like never before.

However, unlike the regular nap, you need to plan your coffee nap much more carefully to get the promised benefits. If you make a planning mistake and drink your cup of coffee for too long, then you won't be able to fall asleep, and you won't get the double wake-up energy kick.

How to make a proper coffee? We talked to Greg, the founder of Your Inception, who revealed the whole process in this guide.

To make a short summary, you need to prepare everything for a perfect nap beforehand. This includes preparing your bedroom (or a napping chair), finding a sleep mask, headphones (if you use them, we recommend so-called noise-canceling headphones), and, of course, a cup of coffee.

An important tip you should never forget is to drink a small cup of coffee (like an espresso) before taking a coffee nap. Some people who tried drinking large cups of coffee like an Americano reported that they couldn't fall asleep.

The reason for that, according to another sleep expert blog, is that if you spend too much time drinking a coffee before you take a nap, the effects of caffeine will kick-in, and you won't be able to fall asleep.

As you know, a long cup of coffee takes more time to get colder (hence, drinkable), which is funny, but a real issue for people who are trying to do a perfect coffee nap.

Now you know that coffee naps are a real thing that may be useful for any individuals who want to combine the benefits of a coffee and an afternoon nap.

So, have you tried a coffee nap already?

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