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How Does Cleaning Affect Your Life?

All of us usually aspire to stay in a room or a house that is tidy and well cleaned up. Even those who stay in places that may be termed as 'pigsties' always crave and admire living in a clean space. One thing about a tidy home is that it is one aspect of our lives that we can change. This is in contrary to other aspects of our lives such as getting rich or achieving a healthy lifestyle that takes quite some time to achieve.

Most of us choose to ignore this, saying we do not have the time because we are busy holding up in our offices and places of work. Some of us just choose to neglect it without knowing that sheer consequences may be brought by staying in untidy places. Some of these hazardous aftermaths are allergies, lung infections, and dirt related diseases. They may have a detrimental effect on your well-being.

So what are the different aspects of cleaning we can apply?

  • Cleanliness in person
    It all starts with you. Personal cleaning entails basic repetitive acts such as brushing your teeth, taking showers regularly, cleaning your nails and avoiding dirt and germs that you may be exposed to everyday, especially in public places.
  • Cleanliness at home
    The next step after ensuring that you are clean is making sure that your home is clean. Some of the home cleaning practices you may use are disposing of the garbage frequently, vacuuming the floor and carpet, washing the dishes as well as washing clothes with washing machine. Calling house cleaning services is a suitable alternative for those who are busy or always tired to do so as long as the work gets done.
  • Cleanliness at work
    A proven fact is that a clean environment enhances productivity. A messy office, on the other hand, will reduce your morale and make you not get work done. Arranging those files well, cleaning your drawers and cabinets frequently and cooking clean meals will definitely do more good than harm.
  • Cleanliness at the school
    High standards of hygiene have to be maintained in learning institutions in order to avert the risk of our children getting sick or being exposed to dangerous objects. A clean school environment is thus recommended and should be stressed by government authorities.
You cannot escape cleanliness as it will, without doubt, catch up with you in the long run especially when you least expect it. But perhaps to give you incentives on why you should practice cleanliness, a brief description of the beneficial aspect of this practice will help create awareness on the same.

Benefits of cleaning up

  1. You will find items around your home easily
    Ever looked for a lost pair of socks for hours but to no avail? Well, tidying up your home will help resolve such subtle tasks. This will help you maneuver around easily and finding stuff will likewise be way much easier.
  2. It helps organize your thoughts
    A clean surrounding and body is a reflection of how organized and composed you are. Having a clean room will not only portray you as an organized character but also as a careful and focused individual.
  3. Saves time and water
    You will save much time since accessing different items will be easy at home. This can only be done when your room or home is well-organized and clean. The best way to save water is if you install a sprinkler system where it has its benefits.
  4. Enhanced productivity
    As already mentioned, a tidy workplace will boost your morale and give you the psyche you need to complete a specific task or better yet, a couple of tasks.

So what are the cleaning hacks you can use for home improvement?

  1. Apply lemon to disinfect your garbage disposal
    Lemon, mixed with vinegar in the form of cubes has a magical way of decontaminating your garbage besides taking away the bad smell too.
  2. Make DIY solutions for carpet cleaning
    Carpets can really be difficult to clean due to their size and material composition. However, DIY cleaners not only offer a good solution when it comes to performing this task but also offer cheap alternatives for doing so.
  3. Pick up pet hair with a squeegee or rubber gloves
    Rubber surfaces, especially when wet cause static electricity that make pet fur stick onto them. This makes it easier to remove them from carpets and couches.
  4. Eliminate bad smell from shoes with tea bags
    Tea bags tend to absorb all the bad smell from shoes, leaving them fresh and smelling nice all day and night long.
  5. Neglect the bucket
    Buckets can be really cumbersome to move around besides making more of a mess due to spillovers. Using a spray bottle will help speed up and ease up the surface cleaning instead.
  6. Stock up on cleaning products
    The reason as to why most of us find it difficult to clean some surfaces or objects is because we lack the right resources to do so. Stocking up on washing ingredients, attire and equipment will make removing different stains to appear extremely easy.
  7. Use a cleaning plan
    It is always recommended to start high as you work your way down. Start from the ceiling all the way to the floor without neglecting the doors, light switches and hidden corners in your room.


All in all, cleaning is an important aspect of our day to day life that should not be taken for granted. Failure to do it causes hefty repercussions, but adhering to it brings about abundant benefits that you will not live to regret.

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