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How Does Clean Water Impact Your Health?

Perhaps the question should not be what clean water does for your health but rather how bad dirty water is for you.

Despite huge advancements in technology, there are still millions of people around the world without access to clean, treated water. This fact can be surprising to anyone in the Western world where water is taken for granted.

Problems With Dirty Water

The biggest issue with dirty water is that bacteria breed in it. Anyone drinking the water absorbs the bacteria and can become ill. Illnesses range from upset stomach to life-threatening issues, such as botulism.

Of course, debris in the water can cause issues inside your body. In short, clean water is essential for ongoing health.

Processed Water

In the western world, water is collected in huge reservoirs and then treated before being sent to your homes. Of course, it should be noted that just because water has gone through the water treatment works does not actually mean it’s clean!

That’s why companies such as Clean and Clear water filters Australia exist. They supply high-quality filters that fit into your water supply lines, giving you high-quality water that is safe to drink.

Your local treatment works will remove debris from the water and they’ll add chlorine to kill any bacteria. Unfortunately, the water can pick up bacteria and debris from inside the pipes as it travels between the treatment plant and your home.

In addition, the chlorine the treatment plant adds can cause health issues. Chlorine is a key element of nerve gas! It also affects the taste of your water.

A filter removes this and ensures you’re getting the health benefits of drinking water without the negative effects. In short, every home should have a water filter fitted to protect its water supply and themselves.

Dirty Water Impact

The most obvious impact of drinking dirty water is potential health issues. These can be serious, a fact that is made worse by limited healthcare in countries without access to clean water.

But, that’s not the only difference between clean and dirty water and how they impact your health.

Countries with access to clean water spend much less time collecting water. This increases productivity in other areas, allowing them to advance themselves and their community.

In addition, health issues are likely to be avoided, reducing medical bills, and improving economic productivity. That’s good for the country as well as the individual.

Clean water also reduces issues in children, improving school attendance and the education level of children. That’s a positive step toward a better future.

It’s surprising but access to clean water doesn’t just help to maintain your physical and mental well-being. It can also boost the morale of a community or country, increase the educational benefits, and improve focus to push technology forward.

Clean water isn’t just essential for life as we know it, it’s instrumental in improving quality of life and advancing as a race. It may even help people to work a way around the increasing scarcity of water on the planet.

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