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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing
Drug Addiction Treatments


In the US alone, over 165 million people are current substance users, with 20 million of them aged 12 and above having a substance abuse disorder. By the time it comes to this, treating the addiction becomes a real challenge for the individual and the family members. Still, this is not to say that it’s an impossible endeavor because there are many drug addiction treatments that work.

Over 9 percent of the US adult population, which accounts for more than 22 million people, have recovered from alcohol and other drug addiction problems. If you have a drug addiction problem, seeking treatment is by far one of the most significant steps towards recovery.

The thing is, though, there are several different types of drug addiction treatments. How do you know which one is best for them? Whether the help is for yourself, a family member, or you're helping your spouse overcome drug addiction, there is always someone to offer a helping hand! In this guide, we’ll help you understand what factors to consider and list all the drug addiction treatments available.

1. Do You Need Drug Addiction Help Only?

It’s very common for you to find that a majority of people seeking drug addiction treatments have already tried natural recovery. This means that they have tried to recover from their addiction on their own without much success. If you fall into this category, consider the possibility that you may need help with other issues besides your drug addiction.

You may have problems such as anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, depression, personality disorder, or other related issues. They may be the reason why you have a hard time recovering from your drug addiction. All these obstacles are hard to overcome by themselves, and they may be the reason why you have a drug addiction problem in the first place.

In this case, it’s imperative that these issues are treated as well. If not, there’s a very high chance that you may relapse even after beating your drug addiction. If you do have any of these issues, it’s important for you to choose drug rehab centers that also cater to the root cause of your problem.

2. What Are Your Treatment Goals?

Before you choose the right drug addiction treatments, it’s imperative for you to consider what success looks like to you. What does it mean for you to recover from your drug addiction? What are you hoping to gain by going for treatment?

How will you benefit from the recovery process? What are you willing to go through to make sure that you completely recover? Can you miss work or school to get full treatment?

Most drug addiction treatments involve abstaining completely from substance use. However, you may find facilities that are willing to accommodate moderation if it will best suit your recovery process. The best drug addiction treatments are usually oriented towards helping individuals learn how to stop their addiction.

If this is your first time getting drug addiction treatment, you may choose moderation. If you have tried it before without success, then it’s about time you tried full abstinence.

3. What Kind of Drug Addiction Program Is Suitable for You?

There are several different types of drug rehab centers, from outpatient to inpatient. There are those that offer specialized care as well - you can find a custom rehabilitation plan depending on your individual needs, which will help improve the recovery process.

Specialized care is all about specific needs, such as mental health issues, teen recovery programs, and women-only recovery programs. Let’s look at some of the drug addiction centers available.

Inpatient Rehab Centers
Inpatient drug rehab centers offer the most intensive forms of drug addiction treatments. This is where most treatments, such as detoxification, take place. You have to reside in a substance-free facility for a given period of time without leaving, though.

They offer round-the-clock treatment as well as therapeutic support. This makes them one of the best drug addiction treatment options if you have chronic addiction as well as co-occurring behavioral and mental disorders. The most vital aspect of successful inpatient treatment is finding the best drug abuse facility or retreats for addiction such as The 'Ohana Retreat.

Outpatient Rehab
Outpatient rehab centers are just as comprehensive as inpatient centers. The difference is that you’ll continue to live at home and not in the facility during the recovery process.

If you have a family to take care of or a job that you cannot abandon, an outpatient rehab center is your best option. You can still continue with your daily duties.

However, the greatest risk of this option is that you will still have access to the real world. You will encounter triggers that will challenge your recovery process and sobriety.

This option is, therefore, best for people with mild addictions. It could also work for people who are confident in their discipline to recover from their drug addiction.

Partial Hospitalization Programs
Partial hospitalization programs for drug addiction treatment are for people who don’t need round-the-clock care offered in inpatient facilities. These are similar to outpatient programs. The schedule will vary depending on your drug addiction and the particular treatment center.

Residential and Sober Living Homes
Residential drug addiction treatments offer long-term care in a safe environment. In these facilities, you will have the opportunity to start your life afresh and stay away from your old drug addiction habits and lifestyle.

They’ll keep you away from triggers, and you’ll be less likely to relapse by the time you move out. They offer full-time living arrangements, and you get to live there during the recovery process until you’re ready to go back home.

4. The Drug Addiction Treatment Approach You Want

There are different approaches that will help you recover from your drug addiction problem. Some of these approaches include cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavior therapy, medical nutrition therapy, seeking safety, and healing trauma.

Additionally, it’s also important that you consider what kind of interventions you are likely to work best in. Various drug addiction treatments involve individual and group therapies. You can also opt for experiential therapies, adventure therapies, family therapies, among others.

Drug Addiction Treatments: Choosing the Best Option

Beans are the most important considerations you have to make when choosing drug addiction treatments. Go through them carefully and make all the considerations necessary that will help you make the right choice.

The most important part is that you meet your end goal of beating your addiction. Make sure that you can go through the treatment you choose. For more great and valuable posts on health and fitness, please check out our blog!

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