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How Do I Choose an Urgent Care Clinic
That I Can Actually Trust?

Urgent Care Clinic

Did you know that urgent care centers have become a popular option for Americans seeking medical attention? If you want to learn how to find a reputable urgent care facility, we can help.

We’ll go over factors to consider when researching urgent care clinics. Use these tips to find the right urgent care clinic for you and your family.

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Ask Your Network

Some people will ask their network for a recommendation. Your friends or family might go to an urgent care clinic. Work colleagues are also excellent people to ask.

Ask your friends or relatives why they like the clinic. You could also ask other health professionals. Your dentist or physical therapist might know a reputable clinic in your area.

Where Is the Urgent Care Clinic Located?

You want to find out where the clinic is and if it's far from your work or home. Will you be able to park on-site, or do you need to find parking around the area?

For people who will need to take public transit, map out the trip. Figure out how far the clinic’s from where you live and if there’s a nearby bus stop.

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Health insurance plans may provide in-network coverage for urgent care. Your co-pay might be different compared to a regular doctor visit. Before going to an urgent care clinic, find out if it's covered.

If you don’t have insurance, talk about the cost with the clinic. You'll have a rough idea of what you'll pay for future visits.

When Is the Clinic Open?

You want to also find out when the urgent care clinic is open. Different centers will have various hours. Find one that has convenient hours for you and your work schedule.

You want to go to a clinic and receive prompt care.

What About Telemedicine?

Next, you’ll want to determine if the urgent care clinic offers telemedicine. Can you receive a phone call from the doctor to discuss any health concerns?

Some urgent care clinics will have an online patient hub. You can access the online hub to make appointments.

Consider the Experience of the Medical Professionals

Learn about the level of care offered at the clinic. You can research the services provided.

Does the clinic provide on-site pharmacy and laboratory services? Can you get an x-ray done there, or do you need to go someplace else?

Do you want to work with professionals who received training on a specific condition? Make sure you check that the doctor’s board-certified in that particular area.

Board certification is a step doctors will take to show they’re experts in a specific field.

Who Works at the Clinic?

There are different types of providers at urgent care centers. An urgent care center might hire physician’s assistants, lab technicians, physicians, and pediatricians.

These medical professionals will be able to treat patients with acute medical problems. When you go searching for a clinic, find out what providers work at the clinic.

If you have kids, you’ll want to find a clinic that has a pediatrician. This way, you’ll work with someone who specializes in helping sick children.

When choosing an urgent care clinic, find out if they accept both children and adults. Some clinics will only offer care for either children or adults.

You want to make sure your entire family can go to the same urgent care clinic.

Do You Like the Staff?

You will need to chat with the staff often when you reschedule or make appointments.

Sometimes, you will need to call and ask for help with a billing issue. Patients will deal with the medical administrative staff more than the doctor.

Notice how the staff interact with you. Do you find they are patient and respectful? You want a team that will respect your privacy and your boundaries.

How Clean Is the Clinic?

Look around the urgent care clinic. Is the waiting room clean or messy? You want to go to a clinic that feels calm and organized. How modern is medical equipment? Are the treatment rooms private and kept clean?

Take this into consideration when choosing an urgent care clinic. You want to go to a clinic that feels clean and well-organized.

What Are Your Specific Needs?

Everyone has experiences and medical conditions that shape how they feel about their health. Your age and gender can also impact your interaction with healthcare providers.

Think about if the urgent care clinic can accommodate your specific needs.

Do you feel anxious when you go into a medical setting because of past trauma? You might need to find a clinic that specializes in particular care.

Some people will go to a clinic that specializes in the care they need at the moment. You might want to go to a clinic that specializes in women's health or pediatric care.

Consider these different factors when you search for an urgent care clinic. Make a list and work your way down until you find the right clinic.

Now You Know More About How to Choose an Urgent Care Clinic

We hope this guide on finding an urgent care clinic was helpful.

If you have insurance, you might need to pick an in-network clinic. Do you need to find someone who has specialized training in a specific medical condition? Try to find a clinic near your home.

Are you looking for more helpful tips? Check out our resources on health and fitness.

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