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How to Choose the Right Drug Rehabilitation Programs

drug addiction

Drug addiction is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Studies show that drug overdose deaths have quadrupled since 1999. The issue of drug addiction seems like an endless pandemic that the country has been fighting.

If you have an addicted friend, you don’t have to watch him join the growing list of drug-related deaths. You need to enroll him in some of the drug rehabilitation programs in the country. But how do you choose a drug rehabilitation program?

Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient rehab is essential if your loved one has reached the point of no return. In this case, you want him to stay away from the community. There are very many special medical clinics and hospitals that have been offering inpatient rehab programs.

Such facilities provide comprehensive detox services. They will make sure that a person returns to the community when they have fully recovered.

Inpatient rehab can also be very effective for people with recurrent drug problems. They can help in offering intensive rehabilitation services.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a rehab program that is taken by a group of people. It can be outpatient or inpatient service. The leader of this program must be a licensed addiction professional.

It is a unique rehab program because it brings together people who have faced similar experiences. Group therapy is a practical approach in ensuring that individuals learn to live without drugs. If your lover is lonely at home, you can enroll them in group therapy.

Private Rehab Program

Private therapy is directly opposite to group rehab. Instead of having many people together, it involves personal interaction between a specialist and the addicted person. The expert helps the addict to discover their motivations for quitting drugs.

Private rehab is effective for people who already understand their addiction problem. It is for people who have decided to move away from drugs. The expert working with such individuals helps them to be sober

In private rehab, there are very many topics that are covered. Everything is not about remaining sober. Sometimes private rehab helps in addressing issues that help in building a professional relationship after recovery.

The Cost of the Rehab

The cost of drug rehabilitation is another essential factor that you need to consider when choosing a rehab. Generally, rehabilitation services are not the cheapest. The choice of the program and facility will determine how much you’re willing to spend. It's also always worth looking into if you're already insured for health insurance, for instance, if in the past or currently, you're active in the U.S Army you may be TRICARE covered detox center enrolled already.

Private rehabilitation facilities are expensive when compared to public rehab centers. The length of the program can also influence the amount of money you will be paying. Lengthy rehab programs are costly.

If you are looking for budget drug counseling, you can consider public rehab centers. Group therapy programs are also affordable.

Length of Treatment Required

Drug rehabilitation does not take a lengthy period. In most cases, detox programs take between a week and ten days to recover. In the worst case, you will be required to stay at the facility for two weeks.

However, your counselor may recommend that you spend more days in rehab to deal with withdrawal symptoms. You need to follow the advice of your counselor to achieve your rehabilitation goals.

Nevertheless, the number of days you spend in a rehab facility depends on you. In some unique instances, the court may order that you stay in a rehab program for a specific number of days.

Location of the Facility

Some people ignore the location of the facility when looking for a rehab program. Make sure you put this factor into considerations because it can affect the cost of treatment. A facility close to your home will be cost-friendly, especially in outpatient programs

Rehabilitation facilities located in the city or secluded mountains will be expensive. If you’re willing to pay huge sums of money, you can always consider luxurious rehab units located in affluent neighborhoods.

Amenities Offered

Some rehabilitation programs are very comprehensive. They have commercialized almost everything. With money, you can access any amenity that you’ll demand.

Such amenities are essential because they will provide treatment and additional services. You can expect first-class resort services in some of the rehab units across the country. They are vital if you need private services like a private nurse.

Sometimes additional amenities may not matter to your loved one. In this case, consider functional rehab amenities. These are some rehab facilities that specifically focus on the issue at hand.

Addiction Treatment Philosophy

The treatment approach will always matter. You need to make sure that a facility shares your perspective in dealing with addiction. Your drug addiction treatment expectations should be met by the treatment philosophy.

In some instances, individuals might demand a unique approach. A facility should be ready to provide special attention to such individuals. It is essential to highlight that not all rehabs offer tailor-made services.

When choosing a rehabilitation facility, it is essential to understand how they define drug dependency. It is also crucial to know how they define success in addiction treatment. More information is needed in deciding on the best treatment approach.

Use of Medication

In addiction treatment, the use of medication is not the best approach. It can create another form of drug dependency. As such, it is good to avoid rehabilitation programs that are using prescription medicine.

However, the use of medication in drug addiction can sometimes be necessary. In opioid treatment, the use of prescription medication is recommended. Such medications help in mitigating cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Some opioid treatment facilities have been using the abstinence model. Others may provide medication for co-occurring mental health issues. Always know what you want before making your final decision.

Are You Looking for Drug Rehabilitation Programs?

If you are interested in drug rehabilitation programs, these are some of the strategies you need to incorporate. It is necessary to concentrate on the treatment approach and avoid other unnecessary additions. The end goal is to make sure that your loved one recovers from drug addiction.

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