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10 Reasons to Choose Organic Skin Care

The growing popularity of organic products is a direct result of greater global awareness of the harmful health and environmental effects of conventional, chemical-laden products. And with this move towards organic foods and home products, it makes sense to consider organic skin care products seeing as though the skin is the largest organ in the body.

What does organic skin care mean?

Have you ever examined the labels on the skincare products you use on a regular basis? Most of these compounds have questionable origin and safety. The majority of skin care products include dangerous ingredients that can affect your health and possibly accelerate the aging process.

Your cosmetics, face cream, skin moisturizer, or cleanser may give you a temporary glow, but it also has the potential to upset your hormones, expose you to cancer-causing chemicals, and deliver harmful poisons that age your skin. Organic skin care products, on the other hand, do not use harmful chemicals and are derived from natural ingredients.

Why are more and more people switching to organic skin care?

Today, the entire world is making the shift to organic products. Everything organic is available, from fruits, vegetables, milk, kitchenware, and organic beds and apparel. We typically think of health as eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly. Of course, these considerations are critical, but what about the products we use on our bodies?

So, it makes sense to switch to natural organic skin care products because our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and it is like a sponge, absorbing anything we apply that eventually makes its way into the bloodstream. Research is showing that exposure to synthetic chemicals may be linked to a variety of health problems. Additionally, organic skin care products start with organic components that are farmed and processed in environmentally friendly ways.

10 reasons to choose organic skin care

The average woman still relies significantly on chemical-laden cosmetic and skin care products and unknowingly this can lead to long-term damage, premature aging, and adverse health effects. Here are 10 great reasons to go with organic skin care and beauty products before you start your quest on where to buy organic skin care products. If you are interested in natural supplements, you can find them here.

Certified organic skin care products are safe and free of toxic substances

Organic products are made entirely of natural ingredients; therefore, if a product is certified organic, you can rest assured that it is free of any hazardous elements or compounds. There are potentially dangerous chemicals in typical beauty products that you undoubtedly use on a daily basis such as BHT, BHA, phthalates, and parabens, and are known to be harmful to our health.

Organic skin care products are nutrient-rich

Ingredients and formulas sourced from the natural world are promoted by organic brands. Organic products contain nutritional and natural ingredients, ranging from nuts and fruits to natural oils and other botanical substances. Ingredients like aloe vera, lavender, coconut oil, and green tea provide your skin with the nutrients it requires to function and thrive.

Protects your skin from UV rays without threatening your health

Instead of synthetic chemicals, they utilize sunscreens derived from natural sources like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide instead of chemicals like octinoxate. Non-toxic sunscreen also stays away from substances that destroy coral and marine life.

Organic skin care products do not hide aging

Chemically infused creams, regardless of what they claim in their advertising, will eventually dry up your skin due to their harsh chemicals. Your skin's ability to produce nourishing oils naturally declines as you age, which is where plant-based face oils come in. Antioxidants in these naturally produced oils protect your skin by inhibiting collagen degradation and promoting long-term elasticity and smooth skin.

Organic skin care products are less likely to have side effects

Artificial fragrance, formaldehyde, petroleum, by-products, and other toxins are commonly used in skin care products, but these cause skin irritation, rashes, and allergic reactions that prevent our skin from working at its best. Our skin responds more favorably to organic skin care since it is a more natural alternative, and it produces better, healthier outcomes in the long run.

Organic skin care has stood the test of time

If you are not yet convinced on why to use organic skin care, think of what the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks would use. Thousands of years ago they used sesame, castor, and moringa oils to battle wrinkles and maintain their youthful appearance. They also cleansed their skin using a soap paste made from clay and olive oil, took milk and honey baths, and used dead sea salts to exfoliate. All their ingredients were natural and yet they were known to have flawless complexions.

Organic skin care does not require a lot of costs, as it works more efficiently

Natural cosmetics manufacturers may cram as much goodness as possible into each bottle or tube without the worry about negative side effects because their products are completely safe. As a result, you'll use fewer products to achieve the desired outcomes.

Organic skin care complements a healthy lifestyle

When you make one healthy change in your life, the rest will almost certainly follow. The more you learn about organic beauty, the more you become aware of the other aspects of healthy living, eco-friendly products, and other sustainable ways of living. But it is a big motivator in getting rid of unhealthy habits from your lifestyle.

Organic skin care supports cruelty-free companies

Despite the fact that many big cosmetic businesses claim to be cruelty-free, they nonetheless use principles derived from animal testing. So, while they may not be personally responsible for the deaths of laboratory animals, they are nevertheless reaping the benefits of research that did. When you use ingredients that come from pure, natural sources and include no dangerous additives, there's no need to test on animals.

Organic skin care products are environment-friendly

By opting for an organic skincare line, you are contributing to the health of the world. You've made the decision to support local farmers and use healthier ingredients. Mainstream skincare and cosmetics expose dangerous chemicals and wastes resources all of which are harmful to the environment. Switching to organic products will benefit not only your skin but also the environment.

Tips on choosing organic skin care products

So, now you know why you should choose organic skin care, but how do you know what makes a product organic? The term organic refers to how an ingredient is cultivated and prepared, which means it must be free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), sulfates/parabens, preservatives, and never tested on animals.

However, just because a product says it’s organic doesn't mean it is totally organic. To be classified as organic, a product must have at least 70% organic ingredients. Note that using the label ‘natural’ is not the same as organic. Natural ingredients are used in natural skin care products, but organic skin care is held to a higher standard and is strictly regulated.

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