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How to Choose the Best Twin Mattress in 2020

By Uzair Nadeem

Sleep is definitely the most important thing that we need as human beings, perhaps more important than food or water. This is, of course, the only thing that can cause us to forget our hunger and thirst for some time, which explains why it is so necessary. But a good mattress is important to have a good sleep. While a large number of beds are available, this guide has been dedicated to twin beds. Although the best double-coated mattress can also accommodate a few adults, it is better for children and teens as it is only 39 inches wide and 75 inches in length.

You must have made a hard decision by selecting a twin mattress from many potential choices, do you know what is harder still? The best model can be chosen from the myriad possibilities on the market. We know it's definitely not an easy task, so this article has been designed as your guide throughout the trip. Each of our choices has been focused on a variety of important factors like mattress size, layer count, firmness and the most comfortable sleeping positions.

Buying guide/Things to consider while buying Twin Mattress:

  1. Thickness:
    Best twin mattresses are generally available in 5, 6, 8 or 10 inches, although brand-to-brand variations can occur. Others can be collected in 12 or 14 cm. It is necessary to find your bed's ideal thickness as it determines its balance level and support.
  2. Material:
    Based on the building material, there are various types of mattresses. Those products include rubber, resin, gel, inflatable, and innerspring. The above choices differ with regard to contours, assistance, heat control, comfort and durability.
  3. No. of Layers:
    The number of layers of a mattress helps to assess the comfort and smoothness you get during sleep. The thinner a mattress is, basically, the more layers it has. Instead, the fewer layers that the bed has, the better it is. The material used in the layers plays an important role in protecting the mattress, as the memory foam is always the strongest.
  4. Cover Material:
    A mattress cover usually protects the mattress from easy wear or injury. The cover is the protection against damp and dust mites in a mattress. In fact, various coverings can be selected. The bulk of twin mattresses have a flexible or sewed cover.
  5. Warranty:
    Accidents occur and you want to ensure that you choose a brand with a good warranty because buying a mattress is like making investments. With that, if anything happens in your bed due to factory fault or an accident you don't have to pay for another mattress.


If the product includes several additional features, such as free trial period and certification, you should also consider that. The trial period is very useful because, if you don't like the mattress, you can return the bed for a full refund within a limited timeline. You must also verify whether the mattress has other essential certification, like CertiPUR-US, which certifies that the manufacturing process is focused on non-toxic materials. This feature includes , for example, the LINENSPA Memory Foam and the Innerspring Hybrid Mattress. Some double mattresses can also be used for sleeping or camping and find foldable twin mattresses if you need one.

Author: Uzair Nadeem
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