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How to Choose the Best Nursing Home
for Your Parent

Best Nursing Home

There are approximately 1.2 million people living in nursing homes in the US. That number will likely rise sharply over the next few decades as Baby Boomers retire and age into senior citizenship. It also means more and more adult children will find themselves making decisions about the best nursing home for their parents.

It’s a big decision given the number of elder abuse cases involving nursing homes. Despite elder abuse laws, it can potentially happen anywhere. So, how do you choose the right senior living facility with so much on the line?

Keep reading for our guide on choosing the right nursing home for your parent.

Evaluate the Service Options

Depending on when your parent enters a facility for elders, they can need dramatically different levels of care. A generally able-bodied elder of sound mind may only need occasional help with medication. Someone with dementia might need full-time care.

Look for a facility that offers the right services for your parent.

Seek Recommendations

You can get insight into which nursing homes provide the best care by asking around. Talk with your extended family, friends, or even colleagues if you know they have a parent in a nursing home.

Another excellent source of information is local religious organizations. They can often help steer you toward or away from certain nursing homes based on the experiences of members or members’ family members.

Your local social services offices may also prove helpful in identifying good nursing homes and aged care living in Fairfield East.

Pay a Visit

Always make sure you visit a facility before placing a parent there. No matter how nice the place looks online, you can’t know it’s a clean or friendly place without stopping by for a look.

Look for a History of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse at nursing homes typically gets plenty of media coverage. When legal action happens, that proves even more true. That means you can typically find out if a facility has a history of abuse problems.

If a nursing home has no public record of abuse, that’s a good sign.

Know What to Watch Out For

Even with careful investigation ahead of time, your parent may end up in a nursing home where abuse occurs. Make sure you know the most common types of abuse in nursing homes and long term care facilities.

If you suspect abuse, remove your parent from the facility if it’s at all feasible. Then, contact an elder abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

Choosing the Best Nursing Home for Your Parent

The best nursing home or senior care facility varies depending on your parent. Always make sure you look for a facility either right services for their condition.

Get recommendations from trustworthy sources, such as family or local religious groups. Look into the facility’s history in terms of abuse scandals.

Always visit the facility and look around to ensure the place is as advertised.

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