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Chiropractic Care Improves Mental Wellness

Chiropractic Care

Chronic stress, anxiety attacks, and severe depression are among the top mental issues that have been affecting millions of people around the world. Worse is their medication and therapy can be debilitating at times.

The good thing is chiropractic care is now in the spotlight. It deals with improving your nervous system. It supports your emotional and psychological health since they’re regulated through your nervous system.

Scientifically, removing nerve interference through chiropractic manipulation allows the sympathetic nerves to fight or flight brain mechanisms. Aside from that, it utilizes a mind-body approach. Research shows that by adjusting physical symptoms, specific mental health symptoms are relieved, as well.

In general, it’s a natural, drug-free, and affordable treatment not only for physical stresses and mechanical imbalances but also for mental wellness. We’ve listed here how chiropractic care positively influences your body and eventually improves your mental health.

Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the common symptoms of stress and anxiety. Recent studies show that chiropractic sessions, along with massage therapy, can prevent a spike in blood pressure. Another research also added that even workplace massage therapy for 15 minutes could immediately stabilize workers with mental health issues.

Stimulates Positive Hormones

Several hormones can temporarily increase blood pressure, which is normal. However, this temporary spike in your blood pressure may potentially become permanent if stimulated with chronic stress and other mental health disorders.

What we usually see as advertised on social media is that chiropractic care can support our spinal health and improve our posture. But, there’s more than that. Getting chiropractic adjustment on your spine can trigger your body to release positive hormones.

Neurotensin (stress-induced pain neutralizer), oxytocin (the love hormone), and cortisol (the stress hormone) are the hormones that can be released when your spine is in good form. This is because your spine plays a crucial role in almost every region of your body, including your nervous system.

Relieves Insomnia

We usually suffer from insomnia when we have stress, anxiety, and depression, or vice versa—suffer from impaired reasoning when sleep-deprived. Chiropractic care can also aid you in getting a restful night’s sleep, as well as falling asleep easily than before.

Recent research and surveys reported that both massage therapy and chiropractic manipulation improve the sleeping pattern of several sleep-deprived people, including breast cancer patients.

Encourages Relaxation

In addition to improving sleep quality, chiropractic care can relieve physical stress or muscular tension, which can potentially cause mental stress. Several anecdotal case studies claimed that one’s muscle activity is reduced by 25% (measured through the electrical activity in muscles) after a chiropractic adjustment, which means the person is physically relaxed.

When your body is relaxed, your stress level tends to drop. This is why chiropractic care has also been encouraged to people who are suffering from muscular tension and stress as a result of their frustration, stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental conditions.

Boosts Immune System

Our immune system’s ability to fight against antigens will typically be weakened if we’re currently suffering from mental disorders. As a result, if we are depressed, stressed out, or have anxiety, we are more prone to viruses and infections. 

Moreover, according to several studies, spinal misalignments can result in neural dysfunction. This dysfunction also stresses a body out, weakens the immune system, and lowers the response to any cold virus and other foreign bodies.

Our organs and nervous system communicate with our nerves, too. If your organs will not function well, your immune system will weaken. Alternatively, if your nervous system isn’t working well, some organs might not also function well.

Research has shown that spinal adjustments done by professional chiropractors are found to boost one’s immune function, prevent neural dysfunction, and aid the nervous system to function at its optimal level.

Clears Out of Painful Symptoms

As stated, people who are suffering from mental health issues may suffer from physical conditions, such as headaches and muscular stiffness and tension. We’ve already mentioned that chiropractic care can encourage relaxation.

The thing is, chiropractic care doesn’t only reduce physical stress, but also completely treat them. Chiropractors can naturally get rid of the pain caused by tension headaches, muscular stiffness, and other sources of chronic pain by removing the restrictions from the vertebrae of the spine.

Many patients with mental health diagnoses suffer from muscular tension and migraines. A professional chiropractor in Adelaide testified that after regular chiropractic sessions, the patients don’t feel any of those painful symptoms anymore.


What makes chiropractic sessions better than antidepressants is that it’s all-natural and way more inexpensive. With patience, you can successfully overcome your mental conditions without dealing with fatigue, nausea, weight gain, insomnia, and other side effects of taking pills. Needless to say, always consult your doctor about what’s the best thing to do.

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