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The Different Ways in Which Chiropractic Care Can Alleviate the Discomfort of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Especially in Fibromyalgia Patients


Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a very painful injury of the nerves that is one of the most common injuries related to work in the modern world. The injury gets its name from the fact that it happens when the median nerve running to the carpal tunnel, the formation of the wrist bones, gets compressed over time due to the impact of repetitive motion. According to, CTS can also result from genetic factors, pregnancy, certain medical conditions, and advancing age. CTS is typically symptomized by severe pain and a feeling of numbness in both the wrist and the hand. Chiropractic care of CTS has proven to be very popular due to its effectiveness.

Surveys and studies have revealed that fibromyalgia impacts almost a quarter of people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. If you take into consideration only female patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, almost 50 percent suffer from fibromyalgia also. Both these issues seem to take place simultaneously in almost 10 percent of all patients.

The usual trend is under-diagnosis of the issue associated with carpal tunnel syndrome present in fibromyalgia patients because of the fact that most indications and symptoms in both carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia are pretty similar. Both these issues cause tremendous pain, burning sensation, tingling, and weakness. Some typical benefits accruing to CTS patients from chiropractic care:

Proven Effectiveness

While, admittedly, there is no assurance that chiropractic care will always be effective in CTS treatment, there are at least a couple of studies that strongly suggest the efficacy of the method. Most of the respondents in both the studies reported experiencing a substantial improvement across multiple parameters like the reduction of pain, range of motion, and sensation felt by the fingers. The results of the research strongly indicate that patients can confidently approach chiropractors for getting substantial relief from the excruciating pain associated with CTS. Since most CTS patients also suffer from fibromyalgia, they can also seek Active Edge fibromyalgia Columbus Ohio treatment.

Less Invasive Alternative for Effective Treatment

Surgery may often be the only option left to patients who have been suffering from CTS or who simply may not have been diagnosed correctly for a long period. The delay may have made the condition too advanced and painful for it to be treated with medicines. In these circumstances, chiropractic care may be considered as a final option before a patient needs to undergo surgery, a process nobody wants to undergo due to the inherent fear of facing the knife and the many complications that may arise out of surgery. With proper chiropractic care, the condition may be managed so well that surgery may be deemed as not necessary.

Viable Option to Drugs and Mechanical Devices

Most people suffering from CTS need to have strong pain management drugs daily, which may have side effects as well as interact with other medications the patient may be on. A daily regimen of drugs can also be anathema to people who are averse to taking medicines. When treatment with medicines is not viable or acceptable, chiropractic care may be the logical intervention that can bring the desired relief from pain and limitations in the range of motion. In addition to adjusting the patient's spine and the elbow, another popular technique involves bracing, which acts to restrain the movement of the hand to facilitate the process of healing and recovering from stress by the wrist.


Chiropractors with experience in treating CTS will review patients individually and offer advice regarding the treatment method that can offer the best relief. Additionally, working with a chiropractor for pain relief, motion control, and proper healing tends to give more confidence to the patient and empower him to take ownership of the process of management and improvement of his health.

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