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A Guide Cheese Lovers Should Follow to
Buy the Perfect Cheeses

You will get cheese in almost every grocery store that you visit, but that does not mean they store and sell the perfect cheese. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to buy the right cheese.

Remember, only the offering does not make a perfect cheese. Most ardent cheese lovers will walk away without making a purchase even after the offer is the best if the cheese itself is not of the highest quality.

The selection of the right cheese from different kinds of it is overwhelming, if not mystifying. It is, for this reason, you will need to follow A Nostalgic Guide for Cheese Lovers to make your choice.

Take help of the cheese monger

The first step to follow to learn more about and buy the perfect cheese is to take the help of the cheese monger. This is actually the person at the cheese section of a supermarket or any gourmet cheese store. The job of this person is to:

  • Teach the buyers about different types of cheeses
  • To help them taste and explain different types of it and
  • To guide the buyers to buy precisely the kind of cheese they want.

The people are experts in cheese and will help you to know about the different flavors of cheese and even help you to make pairings as well as choose various accompaniments with it.

Know how to classify

Once you know about the cheeses, the next step involves classifying the different types. This is an essential aspect because there is not only one classification that you need to know the system when it comes to categorizing different kinds of cheeses.

They can be grouped into different subheads based on various parameters and for a variety of reasons. This not only includes the type of milk the cheeses are made from but also the source of the specific types of cheeses.

The different classifications of cheeses

The most common and basic types of cheeses that you will get on the market are:

  • Fresh cheese: These include chevre, mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, and goat cheese. These are not aged and are mainly used in salads and recipes.
  • Soft-ripened cheese: These include Camembert, robiola, and brie. These types of cheeses have a very creamy texture, which makes them so unique. These have a hard outer shell and may also come sometimes with comparatively mild flavors. These are perfect to be served at a party for their less assertive flavor.
  • Semi-soft cheeses: You will also get semi-soft cheese like Gouda, Oka, Monterey Jack, and others that are loved by people and suitable for different recipes and cheese boards.
  • Firm cheese: These semi-hard cheeses are the most common and primarily found. It includes cheddar, provolone, and others that are easy to melt or slice and good for cooking.
  • Hard cheese: This includes aged cheddar and Parmagiano. These come with distinct flavors and perfect to shred on top of a dish.

You will also get blue-veined aged cheeses with assertive flavors as well.

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