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Is Certified CBD Oil Worth It?
A CBD Buying Guide


You've probably heard of someone, whether it's a friend, family member or celebrity mention CBD. Did you know that an estimated 64 million Americans have tried CBD in the last year?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, and its calming effects prove powerful for many. Many that suffer from anxiety, stress, insomnia or body pains, find relief in a wide range of CBD products.

With so much information out there, you may find yourself wondering, "is it really worth it?" Before you buy any products, there are important things you should know to ensure you're getting safe, certified CBD.

Are you interested in trying it for yourself? Keep reading for a buying guide to help you purchase CBD oil that is worth the money.

Research Your Brand

If you're wondering how to buy CBD oil, one of the first things to know is where it came from.

When the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the production and use of hemp for CBD oil, new brands and farms from all over were inspired. While it's easy to find and buy any of their products, you should be aware of the brand behind it.

Be sure to research a brand before purchasing any of their products. Scan their website to learn about their farming practices, manufacturing and extraction processes. Quality brands will be transparent about their procedures and technologies.

CBD oil brands should also have authenticity claims that verify the safety of their products. If the brand has any testimonials or reviews from customers, be sure to read these as well. It's important to buy from a brand that is well known with a good reputation.

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Know Your Ingredients

In the past six years, 48 companies have been blacklisted by the Food and Drug Administration for the production and sale of harmful CBD products. Even if you've researched a brand and it checks out, it's important that you know exactly what you're getting.

You should be aware of any additives or potentially harmful ingredients in your CBD oil. Dangerous chemicals like dextromethorphan and 5F-ADB have been found in popular CBD products when tested. These chemicals can be lethal if taken in high doses.

Other harmful ingredients may include pesticides or high levels of THC. While trace levels of THC will likely be found in your CBD oil, levels must not exceed 0.3 percent, per federal regulations. The brand's authenticity claim should be able to trace the products back to where they came from and help determine their exact ingredients.

Other Things to Look for in Certified CBD

When buying CBD oil, there are several points to take into consideration that make the oil worth the money. Potency, extract type and flavor can dramatically change the CBD experience.

Usually, a higher potency allows for a higher level of efficiency. A lower potency is usually more approachable for first-time users.

Be sure to also research the CBD oil extract type. The three main types, isolates, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum each contain different materials. Depending on the effect you're looking for, extract preferences may vary.

Finally, taste is an important factor when buying CBD oil. The scent and taste of your oil heavily alter the overall CBD experience. Mild flavors are usually more enjoyable than strong ones, and quality CBD brands should offer a wide range of choices.

American consumers from all demographics have made it clear that they are interested in CBD and optimistic about its potential, but the knowledge gaps that were revealed in our previous report have largely persisted. Large swaths of respondents are still unaware of how CBD works, how hemp extracts differ, and how much they should take. This 2021 CBD Consumer Report provides the answers.

Try CBD Today

Now that you know the important tips for buying certified CBD oil, try it for yourself. The calming and positive effects on the mind and body are absolutely worth it.

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