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CBD Oil and Chronic Pain Management

It’s claimed that CBD (cannabidiol) can be used to relieve pain. However, research on CBD and chronic pain management isn’t conclusive. Of course, there are many advertisements online claiming that CBD products can treat different conditions. However, it’s important to familiarize yourself with CBD. It will help you overcome the stigma that’s commonly associated with the use of CBD products. It’s also important to note that CBD doesn’t cause people to be high. Thus, it can be used for medicinal purposes—including pain management. Along these lines, here is all you should know concerning CBD...


Extracted from industrial hemp, CBD oil doesn’t come with the euphoric effect. Thus, it doesn’t cause people to be high. CBD is part of the 120 compounds known as cannabinoids.

The body has an endocannabinoid system (abbreviated as ECS) that is responsible for receiving and translating signals from cannabinoids. It’s also important to note that the body produces its own cannabinoids—commonly known as endocannabinoids. Among other things, the ECS is responsible for the regulation of sleep, pain, as well as the immune system-related responses.

Will CBD Get You High?

Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t cause people to be high. It only influences your body to utilize its endocannabinoids in a more effective manner. According to different research publications, CBD tends to activate or inhibit different endocannabinoid system compounds. Also, CBD has shown positive signs when it comes to limiting inflammation in the human brain. Also, it can help you beat inflammation in the nervous system. So, if you are experiencing insomnia, pan, as well as other immune system-related complications, you can count on CBD to beat them down.


CBD can help you manage pain caused by a number of complications. Here is a breakdown of how CBD can help you when it comes to pain management.

Arthritis pain

Are you suffering from arthritis? Well, take CBD oil. It will ease the pain and let you live happily. According to studies, CBD can be used to manage pain caused by arthritis. A European study revealed that using CBD in rats for 4 days yielded positive results as far as pain management is concerned. According to this research, signs of pain and inflammation tremendously reduced over the 4 days.

Multiple sclerosis

Don’t let the pain that results from Multiple Sclerosis pin you down. Use CBD to manage the signs of MS. Remember, MS tends to come with spasms—which can be concentrated. Concentration can lead to chronic pain. The good news is that you can use CBD to manage the pain.

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Other Benefits

You can also use CBD to treat the following conditions:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Drug withdrawal
  • Treat seizures
  • Epilepsy
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

The Bottom-Line

CBD oil comes with powerful properties that can be used in pain management. With CBD oil, you have a powerful compound you can leverage on to manage various symptoms of different conditions. Research shows that it can be used to alleviate pain resulting from inflammation, cancer, and arthritis. The above information contains all you need to know concerning CBD and pain management.

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