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Is CBD Oil Effective in Reducing Ocular Pressure?


The Glaucoma Research Foundation in the US estimates that more than 3 million people suffer from glaucoma. The issue that plagues the nation is that most of these people are yet to be diagnosed with the disease. By the time they get a diagnosis, some of them end up blind. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the country. About 10% of all patients end up losing their vision despite getting the right treatment.

Many are turning to CBD oil tinctures as an alternative to treat the disease. For a long time, many people have used marijuana as a way to control the ailment even before its rapid legalization. Still, is CBD the answer to glaucoma that patients have been waiting for? The use of CBD for medical purposes is on the rise, with many seeking relief from pain and anxiety.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the Cannabis plant together with THC. Most people prefer CBD to THC since it doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties that alter their minds. The success of CBD oil in treating other ailments has led to many ocular pressure patients turning to it as an alternative treatment. But, recent advice from many opticians negates this use of CBD. Recent research proved that ocular pressure is not relieved by CBD but rather increases.

Understanding Glaucoma (Ocular Pressure)

The eye optic nerve is the central part of the body affected by ocular pressure. The optic nerve is essential, and without it, you can’t see a lick. It transmits visual information to the brain. Ocular pressure causes damage to the nerve and can eventually lead to blindness. Many older people are affected by this condition and lose their sight as a result, even with treatment. Glaucoma exists in many forms, but the two well-known are ACG (Angle-Closure Glaucoma) and POAG (Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma).

Many people who suffer from POAG exhibit symptoms that, when treated, can help save their vision. The same cannot be said for ACG that is known to have no symptoms, and it might be too late to treat when you are diagnosed. Once you go blind due to glaucoma, you cannot reverse it.

Eye pressure that leads to optic nerve damage is a result of the build-up of fluids that flow throughout your eye. There is a drainage system through which the excess fluid drains out called the tebacular meshup. When this system is not working, the fluid builds up, resulting in eye pressure. Once the ocular pressure becomes too much, you get glaucoma. The condition is hereditary and can be genetically transferred from one family member to another.

Doctors are now advising against using any CBD products, including CBD oils, against treating ocular pressure. CBD won’t lower but rather increase the eye pressure and can lead to irreversible blindness. Researchers from Indiana tested CBD eye drops and recorded an increase in eye pressure of up to 18%. Those that contained THC raised the ocular pressure by up to 30%. This means CBD is not the right remedy for ocular pressure, and you must refrain from using it. The research is still new, and more needs to be done.


If recent research results are anything to go by, it’s best not to use CBD for alleviating ocular pressure. The slight increase in pressure it causes might cause more harm than good. Once glaucoma renders you blind, it’s impossible to reverse it.

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