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Is It Worth Buying CBD Oil Gummies in Bulk at Wholesale? Here's What You Should Know

CBD oil has taken the twenty first century by storm – emerging from its niche product slot, something favored by the few who happened to be in the know, to a position where it has infiltrated the mass market of health supplements, and features on the shelves of health food and CBD stores around the world.

Here we are looking specifically at CBD oil gummies, one of the fastest growing options amongst fans of this versatile product, but to do so we need to take a step back and take a brief look at the world of CBD oil in general.

How does CBD oil work?

In a sentence you could say that CBD oil has a positive effect on the brain and nervous system- helping to reduce the symptoms of a wide variety of problems and conditions, but how does this actually happen?

The magic being worked is all thanks to the CBD (cannabidiol) which both hemp and cannabis plants contain. We could blind you with science and detailed information on exactly how it works, but all you really need to know is that, whichever form you take it in, CBD oil interacts with the brain’s communication signals, reducing a range of distressing symptoms and side effects of chronic illnesses and conditions.

Ways you can consume CBD oil as a health supplement

CBD oil is super versatile, being available in quite a few different disguises. These include:
  • CBD oil as a liquid or a tincture
    This is a simple way to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil, with the tincture designed to be taken via a dropper put directly onto the tongue, or by adding a few drops of the liquid to a cold drink. These are the most popular CBD oil products, perhaps because they are so easy to use and are also great value for money.
  • CBD oil capsules
    These are designed to be swallowed like a regular supplement, but you can choose to break the capsules open and take the liquid directly in a drink or under your tongue if faster results are needed at some point.
  • CBD oil in an e-juice
    Designed for those who like to vape, this version of the oil is available as an e-juice which is inhaled. The benefits are felt sooner, but of course they will also wear off a little earlier too. CBD oil in a vaping product are especially popular to help deal with panic attacks and the general effects of anxiety.
  • CBD oil in a topical product
    Popular topical products include skin creams, which deliver good results to a particular area of the body; this is perfect for those who have specific aches and pains to tackle.
  • CBD oil as an edible product
    These can be home made, created by adding CBD oil to items like peanut butter, sweet treats like cookies and brownies, or bought in the ever-delicious form of CBD gummies. These are popular when a slow release effect with a longer lasting period of relief is preferred.

There’s no ’high’ with CBD

This is something that can confuse people, and put many off trying CBD oil gummies or other products. The substance which creates the high marijuana users seek is called THC, and is an entirely different part of the cannabis plant, while CBD oil produces no ‘high’ effects on our brain.

What can taking CBD oil gummies help with?

In general CBD oil products help to balance the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which can easily get upset by things like illness, stress, and pollution.

The conditions people report CBD gummies really help them manage or reduce the symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
    The relief of anxiety is perhaps one of the most popular reasons for people choosing to use CBD oil. There are some amazing results reported with all kinds of anxiety related issues, from mild conditions through to panic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Depression
    Not only do the effects of CBD oil products kick in much faster than anti-depression medication, there are none of the unpleasant side effects to deal with. Some users believe taking CBD oil helped them overcome depression, rather than them having to live with a life limiting and possibly heavily medicated condition for many years.
  • Chronic and acute pain
    It’s especially useful for reducing inflammation, so it can be very helpful for people with chronic conditions like arthritis. Naturally this then improves things like sleep quality and helps people be rid of persistent low-level stress.

How much CBD should people take?

This is a tricky question to answer as it really depends on factors such as the reason they are taking CBD oil, and how serious their issue is. Most people will have to experiment a little to discover what works best for them.

Good average starting points are around:

  • 10-50 mg per day to treat anxiety, with lower amounts used for dampening general day to day anxiety, and higher levels used when signs of a more serious issue like a panic attack occur.
  • 20-50+ mg for relief from pain or inflammation, depending on how severe symptoms are.
  • 20-50+ mg for treating depression.

In general it’s always best to start with a lower dose and increase it gradually until you reach the desired effect, than start too high and miss out on finding the best level for you to feel truly comfortable at.

Don’t forget that:

  • The way you take CBD oil will affect both how much you need and the results you can expect. For example, taking CBD orally – in gummy or liquid form means around 40% of the CBD effect is lost, while using a tincture under the tongue avoids that so a lower dose could be comfortably used.
  • You may need to adjust doses according to your weight and the level of effect you are looking for. The general guide on this suggests a starting dosage of between 10-17 mg for those who weigh up to 130 lbs; 17-27 mg for those weighing 130-230 lbs; and 22-42 mg for body weights of mores than 230 lbs.

Let’s look at CBD gummies

Gummies are one of the most popular forms of all the CBD oil products on the market, and that’s not really a surprise. They are easy to consume, come in clearly measurable portions, and taste good! Choosing from the range of CBD product to use can be a little confusing, unless you are aware of the differences between them.

For example, CBD oils can be taken orally but some people may not like the taste, so they prefer to disguise it in a foodstuff. Other people prefer a CBD product which has a dosage already clearly measured, so they opt for CBD in capsule form, or of course they buy CBD gummies – which are also easy to take, and don’t need to be measured or weighed.

What are the best places to buy CBD gummies?

There are hundreds of online retail sites selling CBD gummies, along with vape and CBD stores and supplement outlets, so consumers will have no problems finding a source. However, there is a less obvious place to buy CBD oil gummies from which is also worth considering – and that is CBD oil gummy wholesalers and CBD wholesalers like

Is it worth buying CBD Oil gummies in bulk at wholesale?

The quick answer is yes, in many cases it can be, though it really depends on your circumstances.

The benefits of buying CBD oil gummies from wholesalers...

Benefit 1 - It’s often cheaper
As a steady, long term CBD gummy user you can definitely get a better deal on price per piece by purchasing directly from wholesalers rather than making regular smaller scale orders from a regular retailer.

Benefit 2 - Greater access to insider knowledge
Wholesalers are working in a competitive market so they make every effort to attract business. This often means potential customers have access to important information such as reports on the sourcing of a batch of CBD, from its life as seed through to final processing into a product like gummies. This is a good way to be confident your end product is clean, organic and has no nasty contaminates to worry about.

Benefit 3 – Special offers
Many wholesalers offer bonuses such as free USPS shipping, or the option of placing smaller scale orders which are convenient for an individual, or a group of friends to order and share. Other extras could include free replacements should items need to be returned, discounts opportunities, and easy to order systems.

Benefit 4 - You can be sure about the ingredients
For example, not all CBD oil gummy products are suitable for vegans or for those who must avoid gluten. When buying directly from a wholesaler it is easier to discuss dietary requirements with the manufacturers.

Benefit 5 - You can explore the possibility of getting into the retail side of the business yourself
Many CBD oil gummy customers really appreciate the positive effects it has on their everyday lives, so it makes sense that this enthusiasm could be shared and directed towards spreading the word to a wider audience.

Choosing to sell CBD gummy products bought directly from wholesalers means:

  • You can help thousands of others enjoy the many benefits of CD gummies
  • Some CBD gummies wholesale outlets let you choose the coatings and shapes, so whether you want to stock sweet, sour, plain rings, drops or some other shape entirely you are in charge!
  • You are building a name in a field which is destined to continue its positive growth record, so ultimately the sky’s the limit.
  • You can explore and forge connections with the hundreds of other health related outlets which exist, such as health food stores, holistic health and wellness centres, healthy eating cafes and restaurants, and health clinics, all of whom may be keen to stock CBD gummies – when approached by someone with both knowledge of and passion for the business.
  • In most cases a wholesale account requires no set up or running fees.
  • Some CBD gummy wholesalers offer great packages which include everything you need – from free labels to free marketing materials, to help you launch what is known as a ‘white label’ business. Basically this means you have free reign to create your own brand, with an excellent product on tap and lots of zero cost support on hand too. All you need to do is place orders as you receive them, and watch your business grow.

Let’s review the advantages of buying CBD gummies in bulk from wholesalers

There are so many which are important in their own right that it’s not possible to create a list in any particular order, but one of the major benefits of wholesale bulk CBD oil gummy buys has got to be the better price point than anything generally available from a regular retail outlet.

Another key factor here is that you can trace the origins of the CBD oil used in the gummy products, and be completely confident that they are all natural and as advertised. This is why so many health professionals, like chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists, and other respected health care workers back this product.

The amazing results most people who use CBD oil products like gummies report make it an easy product to sell, both for the first time and for a long time afterwards. There are reports of people being able to give up traditional prescription medicines and rely on the amazing benefits of CBD oil products like gummies instead.

This could be due to the CBD oil working with the brain in a more natural way to deal with the distressing symptoms of several health conditions and illnesses, rather than simply masking them, which is what many regular medicines do. It can’t be a coincidence that the World Health Organization (WHO) proudly support the role of CND oil gummies (and other products) in the treatment of many conditions like anxiety, pain and depressing, amongst others.

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