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Why CBD Oil Is Thought to Help People
Get Through Chronic Pain

Although it may sound strange, many people do not know the major differences between hemp and cannabis. However, the differences between the two are becoming more profound. This is especially after governments around the world define the two types of cannabis separately. Unfortunately, the confusion between marijuana and hemp is still common. Can CBD help reduce chronic pain? We will find out below. The plant is commonly known for its 7 leaf pattern and is its recreational use. Both hemp and marijuana feature this leaf pattern. However, marijuana and hemp are different in several aspects. Below, we will look at them.

Chemical makeup and relieving pain

Chemical make up is one of the most common ways of telling between hemp and marijuana. Hemp has been classified as having less than 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol. This means that hemp is a non-psychoactive when smoked or consumed. This was achieved after years of research and breeding of the low THC hemp varieties. On the other hand, there are CBD hemp strains that were introduced in 2013 for medical purposes.

Marijuana on its part has high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol. This means that this plant is psychoactive and therefore can make you get high after consumption. There are many varieties of marijuana in the market but most of them have been bred to increase the level of psychoactive chemicals in them. The most potent marijuana strains have 20% to 25% THC concentration.


Hemp is a fibrous plant with a strong stalk that can rise to about 20 feet tall. The 7 leaf pattern often shows skinnier leaves that are concentrated at the top of the stalks.

On the other hand, marijuana is a shorter, stalkier plant when compared to hemp. In addition, marijuana has broader leaves with flowers growing on the top part of the stalk. These flowers are mostly covered in dusty hairs.

Growing conditions

Hemp can grow in a wide range of climates with very minimal care. The plants can grow in large greenhouses as well as in the field. With them, you require little fertilizer and farm chemicals as they are rarely attacked by pests.

In comparison, marijuana is mostly cultivated in controlled indoor environments. This means that care requirements are smaller in scale when compared to growing hemp. Therefore, less labor is required when growing marijuana.

Other uses and applications

Hemp has more than 25,000 uses and applications thanks to its fibrous makeup and versatile seeds. The high CBD strains have been used as a source of high CBD extracts. CBD is used in a wide range of products thanks to its low psychoactive properties and huge therapeutic benefits.

Marijuana on the other hand is trimmed of leaves, stalk and the lower bud which are smoked as a recreation, medical or spiritual psychoactive drug.

Although marijuana and hemp are similar in the looks, they show some stark differences in their chemical composition and uses.

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