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CBD Oil for Anxiety: Pros and Cons

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By Joe Labonte

Today we dive into the broad sea of the cannabis plant. Don't be in a rush; we’re not about to take you into a mystical journey through wonderland. Rather than looking at the highs associated with THC in the cannabis plant, today, we take a look at CBD oil benefits and uses of CBD oil for anxiety.

Commonly shortened to CBD, Cannabidiol is one of the 113 identified naturally occurring cannabidiol found in the cannabis plant. It has been scientifically proven to carry some valuable health benefits – and no, it won’t give you the high you were expecting! Spoiler alert!

There has been such a big misconception and misunderstanding concerning CBD that many have missed out on the diverse healing benefits. We would like to demystify this component and show how CBD oil for anxiety has worked for many.

What Is CBD Oil Good for?

Before laying out the advantages, it would be advisable to have a one-on-one with your general practitioner for in-depth advice on whether you qualify to use CBD oil for anxiety.

Even though CBD is legal in some states and the UK, it is still not recommended generally to address anxiety. Once you get that milestone out of your way, now you can indulge yourself in the positives of using it for anxiety and other medical uses, not disregarding the potentially mild side effects.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

The primary reason why most opt to run for the oil is that it has been clinically proven to be a solution, even though temporary, of addressing anxiety. Anxiety and its associated disorders can be described as extreme emotional feelings characterized by fear, unpleasantness, inner turmoil, and odd nervous behavior.

Since this can also apply to the state of a depressed person, CBD oil for depression has been a medical strategy to address such cases as well. The oil is said to interact with CB1 brain receptors, thus altering the production of serotonin signals, which otherwise relaxes the body.

CBD Oil for Sleep

Another group that would find this cannabis extract to be of much use are those who have insomnia or simply have trouble falling and staying asleep. Those who would opt to use CBD oil for sleep are recommended to start with the lowest dosage possible and to stay away from driving and heavy machinery for safety purposes when the drowsiness kicks in.

This could be a major disadvantage should the drowsiness affect your usual work patterns and lower your productivity.

CBD Oil for Addressing Pain

Other than using CBD Oil for anxiety, doctors have also found plenty of oil benefits when it comes to lowering pain levels. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the side effects brought about by conventional pain relievers, including NSAIDs and opioids. From headaches to chronic pain, fatigue, digestive disorders, general pains, and even nausea, CBD oil has been found to address this with zero psychoactive responses.

CBD Centrals show that CBD oil for anxiety addresses the underlying source of the problem when it comes to pain relief.

Organic CBD Oil: Best and Simple

Perhaps the most common question which arises on this particular topic is how to use CBD oil for anxiety. It has various methods of application, ranging from doses to drops mixed in beverages and food and topical application as the oil is lipid-soluble. It can also be effectively placed under the tongue yielding the same results.

CBD Oil Side Effects

Every coin has two sides. Now, let’s take a look at the flip side of using CBD oil for anxiety.

CBD Oil Manifests Differently in Different Persons

One might be prompted to try out this out on account of testimonials from a friend or some other source. Nonetheless, there is limited research on how CBD oil will manifest in your unique body chemical makeup. That is why different doses are prescribed to different persons. New users of the extract are being realized daily, so make sure you don’t just use CBD oil for fun’s sake.

Lack of THC in CBD Oil for Anxiety

Ongoing research indicates that minimal amounts of THC rapidly increase the effects of CBD. A lot of people also purchase the miraculous extract for anxiety, hoping to be swept off their feet into a land way above the clouds. However, CBD oil should be noted as containing no euphoric elements, which is especially a downside to depressed individuals.

Mild Reactions of CBD Oil

Some noteworthy side effects of using CBD Oil for anxiety, relaxation, and depression include drowsiness, gastrointestinal problems, potential liver damage due to the increase in liver enzymes, fatigue when used continuously, and even dry mouth.

Interaction With Various Medications

It is generally prescribed not to mix up CBD oil with any other medication, especially those used for anxiety and depression. Such interactions may eventually render you more prone to various health complications.


Make sure you consult your doctor for precise analysis and direction on whether or not you can use CBD oil for anxiety, depression, and relaxation. You will hereby get sound advice on personal questions relating to the use of the cannabinoid, such as how long does CBD oil take to work for anxiety. Then you can make a wise choice on whether or not to make use of it.

Have you tried out CBD oil for anxiety? How did it affect you? Join in the comment box with all your questions, and let’s keep the conversation flowing.

Author’s Bio: Joe Labonte wishes to connect people to the diverse life forms earth has to offer. He believes fully that wellness and wholeness can be found by searching out and connecting one's inner-self to the outside world. He sees life from quite a different perspective and tries to enlighten people with this approach.

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