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Will CBD Oil Make Me Fail a Drug Test?


CBD Drug Test

If you are already thinking about adding a bit of CBD oil to your daily routine, then you are probably aware of the many health benefits of cannabinoids. A small dose of CBD taken regularly can effectively treat and reduce inflammation, anxiety, chronic pain. It also has a generally positive effect on your mood and being, making you feel better both emotionally and physically.

But, since the legalization of cannabis is still underway in most states, it is only natural for you to ask a pertinent question: does CBD show up on a drug test? And if it does, will you be in trouble for it?

Before we get into that, let us first understand what a drug test actually is, why it is conducted, and what the officials may find problematic.

What is a drug test?

Technically speaking, drug test is a scientific scrutiny of any biological sample, such as hair, urine, breath, blood, sweat or any kind of oral fluid like saliva. This analysis is used to detect the existence of specific parent drugs or some form of their metabolites. In other words, a drug test basically confirms whether or not you are in the habit of using illegal drugs.

Usually, drug tests are performed on athletes to detect the presence of steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs in their system. But, nowadays, drug tests are also conducted by employers in big corporations, especially during job application screenings. Now the question might arise- why do companies care about whether or not the employees use drugs? Well, the use of some drugs may affect job performance and efficiency. Drugs can also create unpleasant situations in the workplace, and if illegal ones are involved, the employer may be at risk for solicitation.

What drugs are they looking for?

There are two main drug screening tests that are conducted by employers- the 5-panel test and the 10-panel test.

In the 5-panel tests, the following are screened for:

  • ● Cocaine
  • ● Amphetamine/Methamphetamine
  • ● Opiates such as heroin, codeine, and morphine
  • ● Phencyclidine or PCP
  • ● THC (marijuana)

The 10-panel drug tests screen for the following:

  • ● Cocaine
  • ● Amphetamine
  • ● Methamphetamine
  • ● Opiates such as heroin, codeine, and morphine
  • ● Phencyclidine or PCP
  • ● THC (marijuana)
  • ● Propoxyphene
  • ● Methadone
  • ● Barbiturates
  • ● Benzodiazepines

In some cases, an applicant may be using prescription drugs as medication. This information must be discussed with the employer or the application committee before the drug test commences.

Now that we understand why drug tests are important, let us take a look at how common drug tests work and how they are conducted.

Urine Tests

Urine TestsUrine tests are actually conducted for a lot of medical reasons. They are also applied to test for opioids and other illicit drugs. The way this works is simple- the body eliminates certain drugs from the system through urine. So, if you have been using drugs like marijuana, it will be detected in the test. The urine drug tests are of different complexities, which make some of them more reliable than others.

Blood Tests

Blood TestsAs the name suggests, blood drug tests use blood samples from the person to detect the presence or absence of drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine, and opiates. Most substance abuse organizations regard blood drug tests as the most accurate in the field. But they are seldom used for two main reasons- firstly; they require trained lab assistants and a lot of high-tech equipment, which make them an expensive procedure to conduct. Secondly, they are regarded as the most "invasive" of all drug tests.

Saliva Tests

Saliva TestsSaliva tests are gaining popularity mainly because it is difficult to cheat this test. It’s easy to come up with a fake urine sample from the toilet bowl- saliva does not present that opportunity. Also, saliva tests provide for faster detection, since the testers do not have to wait for the drug to pass through your system into your urine. It is a safe, clean and non-invasive procedure, especially efficient in detecting the presence of marijuana in the body.

Hair follicle Tests

Hair follicle TestsIllicit drugs and marijuana accumulate in the hair follicles, where they stay for days. A hair follicle test will inevitably reveal whether or not an individual is involved with drugs even if they stop using the substances weeks prior to the exam. The amount of drugs collected on the hair follicle can be traced and judged with ease.

Understanding CBD oil


Before we discuss the repercussions of the detection of CBD oil in your system, let us first take a look at what it is and how it affects the body.

Cannabinoids or CBD is one of the compounds present on cannabis. It actually has a lot of therapeutic uses. CBD oils are oils that contain varying concentrations of CBD in them.

CBD comes from the hemp plant, which is the least processed form of cannabis. Both hemp and marijuana come from the cannabis plant, but while marijuana is modified to contain high levels of THC, hemp plants remain largely unmodified. This is where the CBD hemp oil comes from.

CBD oils actually have a lot of positive effects on the body. They reduce inflammation and pain, acting as a natural alternative to synthetic painkillers. They have been found to assist people to quit smoking and help with drug withdrawal symptoms. CBD also treats epilepsy, schizophrenia, neuro-degeneration, neural injuries, and other neurological disorders.

It can help fend off cancer, fight anxiety disorders, treat Type 1 diabetes, reduce acne, and slow the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

These are only some of the benefits of CBD hemp oil. New and improved research may unravel more of its health benefitting aspects.

Legality issues


Some states in the USA have approved of the use of CBD oils for medicinal purposes, but the use of marijuana for general and recreational activities is still forbidden. However, even where CBD is approved, the use of CBD oil will require a prescription. It is better to consult local state laws before embarking on the use of this product.

Will CBD Hemp Oil Cause a Failed Drug Test?

Drug Test

The most active ingredient in cannabis is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which is also the most constituent proponent of marijuana. Marijuana contains both THC and CBD, which have different effects on the body.

THC affects the mind, providing the "high" that smokers chase when they use pot. THC breaks down in the body due to body temperatures. On the other hand, CBD has no effect on the nervous system, which means that it does not have any mind-altering effects. It brings about significant, mostly positive changes to the body and has a variety of medicinal benefits.

CBD oils have extremely low concentrations of THC, the component that makes marijuana a problematic substance. Ideally, CBD should not show up on your drug test, or alter the results in any way.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some brands selling CBD oil go a little overboard with the THC content in their product. This usually happens when the manufacturer disregards or is unaware of the legal amounts of THC that should be contained in the item.

Another reason why CBD can show up on your drug test is heavy use. CBD oils contain only 0.3 % of THC, a truly insignificant amount when compared to the 10-20% margins that drug tests detect. But, if you use too much of the product on a daily basis, you will actually be consuming a lot of THC as well, which will eventually accumulate in your system.

Another reason you should consider is how your body processes the THC. There is no way to actually ensure how long the THC will stay in your system.


First and foremost, purchase your CBD oil from a reliable source. Ask for lab reports and evaluate the cannabinoids profile. The amount of THC in the product should not be more than 0.3%.

If you do already use CBD, alert your employer before going into a drug test. This product is basically a medical supplement, so there is no law against its use. Still, since it does require a prescription, you should play safe and have a chat with your employer


Consider using CBD isolate products instead. As you can tell from the name, CBD isolate products contain zero traces of THC. Once the CBD is extracted from the hemp, it is isolated from the THC before being packaged off. CBD isolate is used in a number of products such as pills, capsules, edibles, and vape. This product is especially beneficial for athletes who are subjected to regular drug tests because of their profession.

Again, when it comes to CBD products, make sure that you ask for a lab report to ensure that the product is truly THC free.


The use of CBD oils is not problematic, as long as the brand is reliable and the recommended dosage amount is adhered to. Using too much of CBD oil may actually have a counter-effect on your life, and you may be penalized or even jailed upon being found out through a drug test.

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