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Can CBD Improve Your Immune System?

CBD Improve Immune System

There are many benefits involved in using cannabidiol – CBD – and with research ongoing into the medicinal uses of the compound more will likely arise. What is CBD, why is it in the news and does it do what is claimed? We will be talking here about what CBD does and why, and whether it is helpful for the immune system as has been claimed by some users. First, let’s have a closer look at what CBD is all about, and why it has become mainstream news.

CBD Explained

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been around for some time in the form of vape oils, edibles, and other products. It is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant. To be legally produced and sold in the USA it needs to be taken from a strain of cannabis known as ‘ industrial hemp ’. This is because CBD must contain no more than mere trace elements of another compound called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is the psychoactive element in cannabis. When you smoke weed and get ‘high’ that is the effect of THC. With CBD products, THC can be present in no more than exceedingly small amounts and is often not present at all.

What does this mean for users? When you vape CBD – or take it as an edible or other method – you will get the full effect of relaxation and calm that comes with smoking marijuana, but without the psychoactive effect. This is why it is widely used by people who have problems with sleep, and those who suffer depression and anxiety. As the medicinal benefits of CBD become more widespread and proven, so the product will be put to more use.

We have mentioned sleep, anxiety, and depression, so what about the immune system and other benefits? It’s important to understand that while many people use CBD for the above-mentioned problems as well as for help with chronic pain and more, it is not officially prescribed, so bear that in mind while reading what follows.

CBD and the Immune System

CBD has enjoyed a major boost in popularity during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, as people have been looking for health products to help them through difficult times. Much has been written about CBD and its effect on the immune system, and that’s what we are going to talk about next.

The immune system is a complex part of the human body. It is governed by what is known as the endocannabinoid system. This involves a network of ‘receptors’ that take and pass signals from and to the brain. When we introduce compounds that are cannabinoids into the system, it reacts in certain ways. Moods can change, people may feel more relaxed or less so depending on the substance that is affecting the system.

Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids and, as a result, will affect the receptors and therefore send certain signals to the brain and the nervous system. What is interesting is that we know CBD is an ‘immunomodulator’. This means it is one of the cannabinoids that helps keep the immune system stable and working. As such, CBD will help an underactive immune system build up its resources and help fight any incoming antibodies. Likewise, it will do the same with overactive systems, and regulate the operation of the immune system accordingly.

The level of help that CBD provides to the immune system will vary according to what it needs to do; it is, in effect, intelligent and works in our favour as the best way to take CBD is to use a vape pen for CBD vape oil. It is the recommended option if you want to try taking CBD for your immune system

Why is a vape pen the best way? With edibles, tinctures, and other methods of taking CBD, you have to wait until the digestive system has done its work, which takes time. By vaping, the compound goes straight to the lungs and into the bloodstream, where it is needed to take effect. Vaping is the most efficient and effective method of ingesting CBD, and the most popular. It’s worth looking at the many vape pens available at reputable online retailers.

CBD and the Future

CBD Improve Immune System

As we have seen so far, CBD clearly has some medicinal benefits and research into the product – as well as into other elements of cannabis – is ongoing. Indeed, there are some who believe that CBD could in fact help with diseases such as cancer, but these areas of research need to be fully backed up with clinical trials before any firm word can be given.

What we can say is that many thousands of people across the USA – and in other parts of the world – are using CBD to help with chronic pain, with anxiety and depression, and with various other ailments including poor sleep patterns and more. Also, many people are using cannabis – where it is legal to do so – for similar reasons as they prefer the often-stronger effect provided by the THC element.

Should you be taking CBD to help with your immune system? The simple fact is that while it is not a prescribed medicine, the sheer numbers of people who are using it and who report success for their problems cannot be overlooked. CBD – and THC – do affect the immune system as we have explained above, so there is clearly merit in using these cannabis compounds for this purpose. It’s also there to be used for recreational purposes, so you can try it and perhaps find further benefits than you were expecting.

The future of the fast growing CBD market is very bright and once medical trials begin to bear fruit, there is no doubt that CBD will become more popular and widely used. Meanwhile, if you want to boost or settle your immune system there is evidence that CBD can help, and you can buy vape pens and also CBD oils from reputable retailers who will be able to help you find the right products.

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