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The Ultimate CBD Holiday Survival Guide

CBD Holiday Survival Guide

Even the skeptics among us have to admit that Christmas is one of the most memorable times of the year. It is hard not to get caught up in the excitement and awe experienced by children during their first Christmas, and every one of us becomes a little kinder than usual.

Sadly, like most things in this world, we can easily ruin this particular time by overdoing things.

Whether it is overeating or overstressing, overspending or partying way more than our limit, we have all been guilty of ruining part of this special season. But before you get all down on yourself, this season could be different thanks to a new product on the market that may prove to be a life-saver during the busiest and most celebratory time of the year.

CBD Holiday Survival Guide

What is CBD?

Cannabinol (CBD) is a natural compound derived from cannabis flower with a rich history of being a potent medicinal tool. However, because of its similarities to marijuana, CBD is often thought of as a psychoactive that should be avoided. The opposite, however, is true.

Although CBD does come from the same plant species as marijuana, it has a far lower THC content — less than 0.3 percent, while marijuana can contain up to 30 percent THC. This is a critical difference because it means users cannot get high from CBD, nor is there a risk of becoming paranoid, more anxious, or overdosing.

There are various high-quality CBD products out there that suit every lifestyle. You can always opt for CBD oil tinctures, edibles, vape liquids, bath bombs, skincare products, balms, and more.

Research on CBD is limited, and much still needs to be analyzed for experts to determine how beneficial it is for us, but early data has shown positive results. Indeed, researchers have noted the potential benefits of CBD for people with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, skin problems, insomnia, cancer, Parkinson's disease, and other chronic and mental health conditions.

It is no wonder, then, that CBD is considered the ideal tool to survive the holiday season, and the following are some of the top ways it can be of benefit.

CBD Holiday Survival Guide

Flawless holiday skin

Dull, dry, or patchy skin is expected during the Christmas season. The excessive sugar we consume, not to mention the alcohol and the cold weather, can damage the skin. With CBD, you can have brighter and healthier skin to look fresh throughout the holidays.

CBD is a rich antioxidant that can neutralize the free radicals that have made their way into your body through junk food and alcohol. Moreover, CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory tool that can reduce any redness on your skin. For this holiday season, why not try a CBD-infused face mask or serum? You can even find CBD-infused moisturizers.

Avoid overeating

Usually, cannabis products are associated with munchies, but the opposite is the case for CBD.

This natural compound can help reduce your appetite by deactivating the CB1 receptor managed by our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is excellent news if you tend to overdo it during the holidays. CBD can help you enjoy the festive food while inhibiting you from overdoing it and ending up with a weight gain problem after the holidays.

CBD Holiday Survival Guide

Control your alcohol intake

If alcohol, rather than food, is your weak spot, then CBD can help as well. In one study on opioid addiction, researchers noted that addicts could curb their cravings with a CBD dose. It is noteworthy that CBD can reduce the sense of bliss experienced in the brain through alcohol, so you don't enjoy it as much.

As a result, you may stick to one less drink because you won't feel the need for another. CBD is also gentle on the organs, which is excellent, especially for your liver, since it will need a break if you consume copious amounts of alcohol.

Feel more at peace

Even when we try our best, sometimes we can get caught up in the season's chaos and become stressed and anxious when we should be enjoying this time. Whether financial reasons are the cause or social reasons, CBD can help you feel more peaceful and infuse you with a sense of well-being.

It does so by signaling the ECS's receptors to release more serotonin in the body — the happy chemical. CBD can signal an increase of the brain's GABA levels and help you feel and react more calmly to stressful situations.

CBD Holiday Survival Guide

Get in some much-needed self-care

The holiday season is the perfect time to practice self-care, and with so many CBD products out there, you can surely find one to make your ritual an even better one. You can take a highly relaxing bath with the help of a CBD-infused bath bomb or by lighting a CBD candle or incense sticks.

You can take a CBD gummy before heading for a relaxing walk in nature or before heading to yoga class. CBD is fantastic to take before a massage or to do nothing at all. Moreover, if you would like to smoke the substance, consider buying a high quality Scooby doo bong.

Sleep better

Finally, more than anything else, we need a good night's sleep during the holiday season to enjoy the parties once we get there. If you are having trouble falling asleep, CBD can help by cutting down on the time it takes you to fall asleep and provide you with a more profound rest.

Ready for the holiday season?

Armed with CBD, you can take on the holidays with more smiles and less anxiety. If you find it beneficial, you might even consider giving the gift of CBD to someone in your life who needs it.

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