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Does CBD Hemp Flower Help in Public Speaking?

Speaking in front of an audience is no easy thing. This is true for most people. Some have the gift. Some do not. However, even amongst those who do not have the natural gift of the skill of public speaking there will come a time when you will be asked to stand in front of people and talk. 

It could be a brother's funeral, a sister's wedding, a farewell party for a cousin going off to start a job in a far-off country. Can the skill be learned and developed? Why are some people more proficient at it than others? Most importantly, and this is what this article is about, can one do anything to improve this skill? Overcome the anxiety, the fear, the jitters. Is there a drug one can take to improve performance in public speaking? Yes definitely, hemp flower products listed on the Cheef Botanicals Website can do the trick. Read on to find out more.

Can Taking CBD Hemp Help? 

This is a question being asked in scientific circles. One area of research is the anti-anxiety effects of CBD oil. Anxiety is one of the reasons why many people become tongue-tied when they stand in front of an audience. Tests with CBD oil have produced positive and promising results. The beauty of it is, CBD has no known side effects.

No Side Effects

So far studies carried out so far have shown thatCBD has few or no side effects than anti-anxiety drugs. Research and studies being carried out are strongly suggesting that CBD oil interacts directly with neurons which make up the nervous system and, in the process, produce a feeling of calm. The calmer a person feels, the more effective he/she is likely to be in public speaking. 

A recent study in which participants were asked to give a short speech after being given identical dates of four different drugs produced very interesting results. One of the four drugs was CBD oil. All the drugs were anti-anxiety drugs. The objective was to test the side effects of the drugs, primarily physical sedation. These participants who had been administered CBD oil displayed absolutely no signs of physical sedation, unlike in the other cases.

CBD hemp flower has been shown to reduce the stress that can reduce a speaker's effectiveness when speaking in front of an audience. Its relaxing effect leads directly to an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. This will result in an effective speech.

CBD Calming Effect on the Nervous System

  1. Sometimes even normally confident people start to stammer and stutter when they stand in front of a large audience. The throat catches, hands start shaking and they are unable to look into the eyes of members of the audience. This, of course, reduces the effectiveness of their speech. Continuing research is showing that popping a pill of CBD goes a long way in preventing this. It is thought that it acts, rather like an inhibitor of sensory 'traffic' in the central nervous system, calming the nerves.
  1. As stated elsewhere, it has absolutely no known side effects. CBD oil does not produce a euphoric high, like the THC found in cannabis. CBD also does not intoxicate and neither is it addictive.
  1. Many who have taken doses of CBD before delivering their speeches attest to its calming effect on the nerves. It clears the brain, rubbing out other thoughts that would otherwise detract the speaker from the prepared speech. Anyone who has delivered a public speech knows that a clear head is essential.

In conclusion, CBD oil has proved to be a useful tool for improving public speeches.

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