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CBD Distillate - Easy Steps to Make It At Home

CBD Distillate

After realizing the health benefits of CBD, make people vouch for CBD infused products and them part of their life. However, inconsistent taste and aroma is a huge factor which can’t be ignored. No matter which brand you buy the inconsistency is a common factor in every CBD product. The reason is different potency of CBD in every plant, which affects the production process and the final end product. The best solution is to make CBD distillate at home so you can get more control over your desired consistency.

What is CBD distillate?

It is a thick liquid (like honey) extracted from the hemp plant. It is tasteless, has no odor and is free from impurities. Full-spectrum CBD oil is the nearest form of CBD distillate, the only difference is, it is slightly diluted with oil. In other words, full-spectrum CBD oil is the most finely refined CBD oil, which contains 90% CBD.

The method to make CBD Distillate at home

Step 1: Heat the CBD oil

The process begins by heating CBD oil in a flask up to 1300 to 1800C. Make sure your flask can tolerate that temperature and is vacuumed. By doing this, you will evaporate the undesired impurities.

Step 2: Condensing the oil

Release the pressure of your vacuumed flask, and heat the oil again to let in condense and evaporate again. In the end, you can get that thick liquid.

Step 3: Collect the evaporates 

The final step is to attach the evaporating tube to the vacuumed flask and connect it to the condenser at the other end and continue to heat the remaining condensed oil. You will observe more concentrated vapors, which will travel through the tube and reach the condenser. Later allow them to cool down, and your concentrated CBD distillate is ready.

Other factors to consider

There are a few other factors which we like to mention here:

Extraction process

The extraction process is at a higher level is entirely different, and thus the final results are also different. Professional extractors and extraction methods are entirely different, which is nearly impossible at home.


The process is time-consuming, and if you value it, you can buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil instead and save your hours while enjoying the same concentration.

Learning process

Unfortunately, you cannot learn thoroughly how about the process by reading or even watching it. You have to do the complete process 2-3 times to get your desired end result.


The ready-made products are available in nearly endless flavors. Some of the flavors are impossible to create at home, while others need the expertise to achieve. It requires your time and effort. If it seems to difficult to achieve, simply leave it to the professionals and enjoy their products.


Making CBD distillate at home is a simple process, but it surely needs your time and a few attempts to get the perfect result. However, a simple alternative which is available easily is high spectrum CBD oil, which is highly concentrated.

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