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CBD and Chocolate and Candies – an Interesting Match to Learn and Use

The modern-day life is hectic! And 2020 has its shares of troubles with the global pandemic and economic fluctuations. It has affected lives and businesses, which in turn has impacted our mental health. Needless to say, most people are looking for ways to stay relaxed and feel good about life! Chocolate and candies often serve as a medium to feel good instantly. If you trace the etymology, chocolate has a Latin name, "Heobroma cacao" which means the "food for gods." No wonder chocolate is acclaimed globally for its instant feel-good factor. It’s backed up by science as well. And it's the same science that supports CBD's reason for having a positive effect on the mind. People today are wondering whether these two can be blended to produce a higher healing and relaxing effect!

Understanding the bliss molecule

Simply put, Anandamide (AEA) is the neurotransmitter that gets generated by the human body and gets sourced from arachidonic acid. According to the sources, the name is taken from the Sanskrit term, "Ananda" which stands for delight or happiness. And that's how the term the "bliss molecule," came into existence. Additionally, cacao, (which is the primary element for chocolate) and CBD, has AEA naturally and in compounds, which makes the breakdown sluggish.

Are you wondering how does it all work?

Humans have the FAAH (fatty acid amide hydrolase) enzyme. The moment anandamide gets an entry to our cell, the FAAH begins to break it down. So, this enzyme is a killer for feeling good and happy. Here chocolate and CBD have a vital role to play. Both can intervene with FAAH's capacity for breaking the anandamide, thereby adding more time and durable to the naturally generated bliss. It is one of the reasons why today manufacturers are combining CBD with chocolate and candies so that we can hold on to a more relaxed and happy state. These are called the CBD candies or chocolates. To know more about this, you can check out, Tale of Two Strains.

According to one Translational Psychiatry study, avoiding the anandamide breakdown, rodents can feel better mentally. There was a significant reduction on the stress and anxiety level. It gave rise to the hope and hypothesis, that the same might hold true for humans and would minimize their fear.

Blending in CBD and cholate

People who want to leverage the anandamide from chocolate should opt-in for dark chocolates. Else, you can try CBD candies or CBD chocolates that are readily available today online. These CBD chocolates, candies, and other edibles are made using the correct amount of CBD to help people feel relaxed and generate a "feel good" factor in the brain. However, it doesn't create a mental high and the euphoria that gets misrepresented as "happiness" or "relaxation." CBD candies are safe to consume, and it allows a person to retain his/her complete sense and derive the benefits of feeling calmer and less anxious.

You can browse online for the CBD chocolates, candies and gummies. However, make sure that you choose from an authentic service provider after thorough research. And, take medical opinion before placing your order.

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