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CBD and Periods: All You Need to Know

CBD has managed to establish itself almost everywhere. Given the medicinal benefits it can offer, CBD is a miracle ingredient that can help with a wide range of health troubles. The recent legalization of this cannabis byproduct has further helped escalate its popularity. While people are using it as a holistic treatment for a long list of ailments, the latest addition is menstrual cycles or periods. Women all across the globe are benefiting from using CBD during their monthly process.

Do you suffer from severe symptoms during your periods? Are you wondering whether CBD can help with your menstrual cycle? Keep reading to know more about it.

CBD and Periods

What is CBD?

While CBD is a household name already, not many people are clear about its basics. Cannabidiol, popularly called CBD, is a cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. It is a chemical compound that is popular for medicinal properties that can help with physical and psychological troubles. Unlike THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD will not induce a mind-altering euphoric high for you. After getting extracted from the plants using a Co2 extraction process, you can get CBD in numerous forms, like – oil, capsules, edibles, topicals, and vape oils. If you’re searching for the best CBD products, you can get them from a reputed brand like Sunday Scaries.

How can CBD help with periods?

The monthly menstrual cycle is essential for women, but it brings a lot of stress and pain for most of them. Women go through abdominal pain, cramps, acne, loss of sleep, mood swings, bloating, and nausea during and before the periods, called Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). If you are suffering each month due to your periods, here’s how CBD can help you:

1. Alleviate pain

The most daunting part of periods is the pain that comes with them. With abdominal discomfort to severe cramps, it can become challenging to carry out routine tasks. People have been using magical plant cannabis to relieve pain for centuries. While they didn’t know the reason behind it, experts have now ascertained that CBD can be the pain-relieving agent.

Wondering how CBD can alleviate pain? It is due to a complex cellular structure present in your body, known as the endocannabinoid system. The system performs the function of regulating your mood,memory, immunity, sleep cycle, and even reproductive health. It produces neurotransmitters or natural cannabinoids that bind with receptors to initiate change in your body. CBD can perform the same function as natural cannabinoids that are produced in your body. When you ingest CBD, the cannabinoids communicate with the receptors to alter how you feel or react. It can help combat pain caused by the menstrual cycle.

CBD and Periods

2. Reduce stress and mood swings

Many women also undergo frequent mood changes from one to two weeks before the periods start, often known as PMS. It can cause feelings of stress, irritability, frustration, and anxiety. While for some women, it is only frustration that can turn into anxiety and depression for others.

CBD is a natural relaxant that can calm both your body and mind. It can help reduce anxious thoughts, ensuring you feel peaceful during the periods. Not only that, the cannabinoid alters how the brain receptors respond to serotonin, popularly called the ‘happy hormone.’ With more levels of serotonin, you will be in a better mood.

3. Prevent bloating and nausea

If you get bloated or nauseous before and during your periods, it is because the changes in your body can hamper your gastrointestinal system. When CBD communicates with the endocannabinoid system in your body, it can alleviate the feeling of nausea. The cannabinoid can also increase the intestine’s permeability and prevent harmful bacteria from entering, promoting better gut health.

4. Help combat acne

Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle can lead to excess oil production in your skin, which leads to skin breakouts or acne. While the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can reduce the redness and irritation around the acne, it can also reduce acne. CBD communicates with the sebaceous glands that produce sebum or oil. With the reduced level of sebum under your skin, the acne will also clear up, and you can get your clear skin back.

5. Fight insomnia

The inability to fall or stay asleep during the monthly cycle is not uncommon among women. If the pain and hormonal changes keep you up at night, the best CBD flower might come to your aid. It can alter the sleep cycle to make you feel drowsy quickly and ensure you get more time in the stage of deep sleep.

CBD and Periods

How to use CBD for your periods?

CBD is a highly versatile chemical that you can use in numerous ways. If you’re wondering how to use CBD during your periods, here are a few effective ways for you:

1. Oral

The easiest way to ingest CBD is through oral methods. You can invest in a high-grade CBD oil and take it sublingually. Put 5-8 drops of CBD oil under your tongue, hold for a minute, and then swallow it. If your taste buds don’t like the oil flavor, you can opt for gel-based capsules.

2. Edibles

CBD edibles are alternative foods and beverages infused with the cannabinoid. You can get edibles like gummy bears, brownies, coffee, or beer from your nearest store. Those who like to cook can also make their edibles by adding CBD oil to their favorite food.

3. Topicals

CBD infused creams, lotions, or even patches are called topicals. When it comes to localized pain or acne, you can get better results by using CBD topicals.

4. Vaping

You can also use an electronic vaporizer to inhale cannabinoids through vapor. Get a vape juice or CBD oil to enjoy vaping sessions and get instant relief from pain or nausea.

CBD and Periods

Final Thoughts

The menstrual cycle is a purely biological process that women from 15 to 55 go through. While periods and their symptoms are normal, dealing with them can be a daunting experience. If you are tired of undergoing pain, nausea, mood swings, acne, and insomnia, CBD can help you. Get your hands on CBD and make periods easy for you. However, ensure to consult a doctor before incorporating the supplement.

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