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Underlying Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women That Must Be Checked First Before You Decide to Use Sexual Enhancers for Women


You must have seen those ads pop up on your google searches and news feeds:

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It’s easy to see why manufacturers of these pills target women. According to research, the most common complaint about sexual health is low sex drive. The issue also attacks 25% of women that are in their premenopausal stage. The problem is that the majority of these ads try to promote over-the-counter medications. If you have tried those funky “diet pills”, then you probably know that rarely do these supplements live up to the expectation. Unless you are using a known Natürliche potenzmittel, you should not be quick to try sexual enhancers for women. Instead, you need to understand the possible cause of your condition first before seeking treatment. In this article, we examine some of the most common causes of low sex drive in women. Continue reading to learn more.

Diseases, Lifestyle, and Medications

Low sex drive in women is attributed to illnesses, lifestyle diseases, and medications used to treat them.

If you have been diagnosed with any medical problem that makes you sleep a lot, fatigued, or experience low energy levels, such an issue is likely to sap your sex drive. Chronic fatigue like anemia is some of the most obvious, although problems like diabetes, a weakened immune system, fibromyalgia, and obesity are also linked to the same problem.

Diabetes is known to damage the vascular system of the body. This can decrease blood circulation and cause all manner of sexual performance issues. This also happens to patients that have high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems.

Other medical problems linked to lower sexual desire include hypothyroidism, kidney disease, sleep apnea, stroke, and HIV.

If you have been prescribed antidepressants, you should know that these medications are also associated with sexual side effects. Low libido is a leading problem with these medications. Also, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, popularly known as SSRIs, like Lexapro, Prozac, and Paxil, can also reduce sex drive.

Heart and blood pressure drugs, steroids, and anti-anxiety medications like Xanax can lead to decreased libido.

If you are found to suffer from most of the cases above, the answer is not to Potenzmittel kaufen. You will be better off working with doctors to prescribe a different medication or find other solutions.

Lifestyle issues are also thought to cause a lower sexual desire in women. These include excessive drinking, smoking, and drug use. In such a case, even the best Potenzmittel für frauen will not help you. Instead, you will have to identify these behaviors and eliminate them and your sex drive will be back to its best.

Personal Problems

Personal problems are also other issues that you can treat more effectively without resorting to Natürliche potenzmittel.

Chronic stress has been identified as one of the leading causes of low sex drive. Family problems, financial or job pressures, or sometimes even relationship difficulties can cause you to be uninterested in sex. If your problem is caused by these issues, lowering or relieving stress can be the best way to go in trying to boost your sexual desire.

This is especially important when relationship problems are the cause of your low libido, because any attempt to perform a sexual activity may just remind you of the underlying problems and not a distraction. Openly talking about these issues may reopen communication channels between the two of you. You may want to see a sex therapist or a counselor, or even visit sex. These approaches will work better to restore your sex drive than trying over-the-counter pills.

And while there is no problem using anti-stress meds to enhance libido, the problem is that this is only a temporary solution. Also, this approach has two disadvantages. The first one is that depending on Xanax, for example, is not as effective as fixing the actual problems that cause low sex drive. Secondly, as we have said already, anti-stress medications may make libido problems worse.

Hormonal Issues

Unlike men, who only begin to think of hormonal problems when experiencing sexual or physical problems, women deal with hormone issues every month.

Menstrual periods are a constant reminder of how sex hormones can affect the body. Most women experience problems like back pain, cramps, PMS, and sore breast at different times during their menstrual cycles. All these are usually caused by natural decreases and increases of progesterone and estrogen hormone levels in the body.

Another problem that women face is that they only experience sex drive right before they ovulate. The explanation for this is that high levels of progesterone increase libido. On the contrary, low estrogen levels also lead to decreased sex drive. That is why endocrinologists and gynecologists treating women with low sexual desire suspect that estrogen deficiency may be the cause of the problem.

Also, estrogen levels steadily rise during pregnancy, explaining why women have higher sex drive during these months. After giving birth and during breastfeeding, it reduces. The body also starts to produce less and less estrogen as women enter menopause, which explains why post-menopausal patients often experience a drop in libido.


But these are not the only reasons for women to experience decreased libido. Others include problems with the ovaries, pituitary gland, or other endocrine system parts. Too low libido has also been linked with kidney disease, too much exercise, and eating disorders. Having these underlying issues treated is vital in reviving your problematic sex life.

This is not to take anything from natural sexual enhancers. There are, in fact, some great Natürliche potenzmittel that work. What we are saying is that, without knowing the cause, it is difficult to treat a problem completely. You will first need to get checked by a doctor to eliminate the causes we have talked about in this article. Only after that should you go ahead and use Potenzmittel für frauen. Otherwise, you will only get a temporary reprieve and the problem will usually be back even stronger.

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