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Brian Colombana Talks about
Top 5 Causes of Global Warming

Global Warming

Global warming is known as the excess amount of heat within the atmosphere of the earth. This global warming is the primary cause of the rise in global temperature. Due to the effects of global warming, the climate of the earth is changing rapidly. Climate change can destroy communities, rising sea levels, and harsh weather conditions. Here are the top 5 primary causes of global warming: 

1. Oil and Gas

Gas and oil are the primary burning material of almost every industry. Oil and gas are used in most buildings, vehicles, and the production of electricity. Even though there are many electric cars on the road, petrol/diesel cars are still dominating the road. When we burn gas, coal, and oil, it develops climate problems. Additionally, fossil fuel is one of the biggest threats to wildlife as well as surrounding environments. Due to the toxicity of fossil fuel, it kills the plants and makes the space uninhabitable. 

2. Deforestation

Deforestation is known as the clearance of forests and woodland. People either deforest to collect and sell the wood or create spaces for buildings or farms. Forests and trees are the primary sources of oxygen, says Brian Colombana. They also balance the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When they are cleared, the stored carbon in them gets released into the atmosphere. However, deforestation can also happen naturally which is much more devastating due to the toxic fumes released from the fire. Due to deforestation, the climate is also being affected. 

3. Waste

This is one of the most common causes of global warming. Nowadays, humans are creating more waste than ever. This is due to the excess amount of packaging that is used as well as the short lifespan of the products. A lot of packaging, waste, and items are not recyclable. This means that they ultimately end up in the landfill. When the wastes or packages on the landfills will break down, they will release harmful gasses into the air. This will ultimately enhance the speed of global warming. 

4. Power Plants

Most of the operations on the power plants are done by fossil fuels. This is why the power plants produce different types of pollutants capable of affecting our nature and eco-system, says Brian Colombana. The pollutants they create not only affect the atmosphere but also get mixed with the water. This way the water also becomes polluted. Not to mention, these pollutants are one of the most primary causes of global warming. The burning coal of the power plants is responsible for more than 45% of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. 

5. Oil Drifting

Oil drifting is responsible for more than 8% of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide pollution. Additionally, it’s also responsible for more than 35% of methane pollution. People use the oil drifting method to collect petroleum oil hydrocarbons. However, during the process, other harmful gasses are released into the environment. This enhances climate change. On the other hand, it is also highly toxic to wildlife. 


These are the top 5 primary causes of global warming. Remember that it’s our job to protect Mother Nature. Therefore, make sure you do everything you can to save our planet. If this continues, the earth will not have any habitable place in the future. 

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