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What Causes Bloating on the Keto Diet

You have taken the right step in the direction of changing certain food habits that will have a long-lasting impact on health. Weight loss can be too laborious. As you have to make many sacrifices to witness the positive results. Being on the Keto diet is one of the sacrifices that you have to make to have a fit body. A Keto diet ensures that you have all the nutrients in your food with less fat contained in them. Keto diet speeds up the process of fat erosion from your body. 

But the Keto diet comes with its effect on the body. You need to familiarize yourself with the effects that the keto diet can cause on the body. You will inevitably see the effects as you are making an overhaul in your diet. One of the effects seen is the Bloating.

Bloating is discomfort in your digestive system where your stomach may bulge out a bit, you might experience constipation, full despite going to the loo, you might face the gas and IBS. 

It is the common side effects of taking the Keto diet. But fear of bloating should not hamper your dream of losing weight. If you know the reasons that cause the bloating if you keep precautions while taking Keto foods. You can altogether avoid the bloating, at the same time being on the Keto.

Low fibre intake

You pass through many stages before making your way out. There are many stages where different activities are performed in your stomach to ensure that food is absorbed fully and undigested food makes its way out smoothly. One of the important roles played in the absorption and movement of your food is dietary fibre.

You must incorporate enough fibre in your food but when you start on the keto diet, you have to reduce the intake of fibre in your food that results in bloating. Hence, you have to make sure that you take enough fibre in your food. You can include broccoli, avocado, spinach, blackberries, raspberries, flax seeds, and almonds in your keto diet to avoid bloating. 

High intake of MCT

MCT or medium-chain triglycerides are often taken when one is on the keto diet. Its undisputed benefits make it important to consume it when you are looking for weight loss. MCT is not only 

Absorbed by the body fast but it boosts your energy in no time. MCT also speeds up the process of formation of ketosis in the body that burns fat at a faster rate. We can take the artificially-made MCT or we can get it naturally from coconut or palm oil. 

You need to take it relatively in a moderate amount as too much consumption can lead to bloating. 

Dairy products

Some people are allergic to some foods. Dairy products are considered to be the products most people in the world are allergic to. Studies suggest that more than 60 % of the population in the world are lactose intolerant. If they consume dairy-based food, they are likely to suffer from gas, bloating and IBS. if dairy products are part of your diet and if you are lactose-intolerant, you will suffer from bloating therefore you have to reduce the dairy in your diet. Although you can include some dairy products such as your hard cheese and butter as they can be easily digested by the body. 

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables contain sulphur and the carbohydrate raffinose that cause the gas and the bloating. You are recommended to eat them in moderate amounts in order not to have digestive issues. Cruciferous vegetables are not able to get digested well in your body and they start fermenting, thereby causing bloating and gas in you. Cruciferous vegetables include cauliflower, broccoli, and sprouts. 

Final words 

Well, it is good to be on the keto diet. But it comes with its own price that you have to keep in mind. Make sure that you don’t start taking too much keto foods in excitement. You need to start with small and see how the body reacts to it and then increase the intake accordingly. Make sure to take the right amount of water and fibre to your diet and see what foods

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