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How Modern Smartphones Can
Impact Our Health

How Smartphones Impact Our Happiness

There’s no denying that we live in a busy age, and that has only been amplified since smartphones became such an important part of our daily lives. We rely on mobile devices more than ever, and they’ve become so vital that trying to get on without them may seem like a scary thought for some. It’s no wonder why we’ve become so connected to our phones; they let us browse the Internet, play at a Canadian mobile casino, check our email, watch videos, chat to friends, and so much more. They’re our calculators, our mobile banks, our entertainment and our connection to society - and sometimes we use them to make calls.

Some have called it an addiction, while others point out that smartphones have simply made our lives more convenient. Whatever the case, there have been numerous studies on smartphones and how they impact our day-to-day activities as well as our overall happiness, and for the most part, the results aren’t great.

To start with, there are the physical problems that smartphones have created in recent years. In Asian countries, for example, where phone usage is extremely high, there have been multiple reports of people crossing the street and being hit by cars, or even something as simple as walking into a door or pole. They’ve also proven to put strain on our eyes, and the number of people using spectacles is higher than ever. Some doctors have also pointed out the increased amount of people suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome, an ailment that causes the gradual weakening of our hands, as well as cases of severe pain in the thumbs and wrists of prolific smartphone users, especially for the elderly.

Physical issues aside, some have also called them out as the reasons for anti-social behavior, with many believing that the reason so many people battle with social interaction is because they’re constantly glued to their smartphones.

Studies have shown that those that put down their phones for a substantial amount of time showed signs of increased overall happiness. They have also reported improvements of concentrations, quality of sleep, and productivity in both the workplace and at school.

The consensus then, for researchers, is that smartphones are having a detrimental effect on our happiness, and have been linked to higher rates of depression, social anxiety, and as well as less energy and loss of sleep. Research has also suggested that smartphones lower life satisfaction, lower grades, and increased levels of stress, both during usage of a smart phone and without Scientists are still working out just how much of an impact our mobile devices are having on our physical and psychological well-being,

Thankfully, most of the negativity that comes with owning a smartphone can be easily remedied, simply by using it less. There are many applications available that monitor smartphone usage, and issue warnings once a certain threshold has been cross, giving the user more time away from their phone, and having a healthier impact on their happiness and health. Whether you use your phone for emails, for chatting, or for playing games, the best thing you can do for yourself is to remember that time away from your device is good for long-term health.

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