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Four Medical Advances We Can
Expect in the Future

Four Upcoming Medical Technologies Set to Change the World

Science and medicine have gone hand-in-hand for the last two centuries, and few other forms of study have seen the same amount of advancement as these two fields. While once the notion that germs existed was met with total skepticism, just a few hundred years later not only do we know germs inside and out, but we’re actively learning to alter their DNA to our benefit.

Medicine has seen massive improvements in recent years, and thanks to modern technology, such as graphical mapping and simulations, we’re learning more about the human body and its various ailments than any other period of time in history. There are many medical experts around the world that agree that technology is the only way to truly further ourselves, both physically and mentally, and great strides are being taken every year to better the foundations of the technology we use on a daily basis. There has been a big push to make medical tech more mobile, incorporating it into modern smartphones – so that the average user can check their email, watch a video, monitor their blood pressure, all while checking out the latest games on offer at River Belle Casino.

It’s impossible to know for sure what the future holds, but we do have an idea of some of the fields of medical technology that are currently being developed. If some of these do become standards of the medical industry, then we might just see an end to much of the suffering that has plagued countless people since time immemorial.

Lab-Grown Organs

There have been a few attempts at creating technology to support and/or totally replace damaged organs. While some of these have certainly helped many people, they often tend to break down fairly quickly, or don’t quite provide the same quality of life as the person once enjoyed. Thanks to 3D printing and other modern tech, we are now seeing entire organs being created in the lab. These are fully functioning, and designed specifically for that person, totally bypassing the need for anti-rejection drugs.

Self-Diagnoses Technologies

We live in a time where it’s extremely easy to load up Google, type in our symptoms, and hope that we might find an answer to why we’re feeling sick. Despite all the online resources, nothing quite beats a visit to the doctor – but this might soon change. There have been some recent developments on simple devices that people can keep at home, which they can use to perform self-diagnosis. Portable ECG and heart monitoring devices are just some of what is being predicted.

A Cure for Aging

Growing old, retiring and passing away is part of the natural world – every living creature on this planet eventually comes to an end. But thanks to research on what makes us grow older over time, scientists have begin experimenting with gene-altering techniques that would not just stop aging, but potentially reverse it. There has been some outcry against this kind of technology, but the drive to beat death has been a part of science for centuries.

Altering Our Genes

This is one that was once nothing more than science fiction, but as scientists learn more about human DNA, the more they realize that it’s possible to manipulate it. This could mean a cure for any disease imaginable, giving people better, more robust health, and as mentioned, even curing the aging process. Gene altering still has some decades to get as yet, but it may be the next step in human evolution.

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