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What Cannabis Seeds Are, Their Health Benefits
& How to Germinate Them?

The struggle is understandable. You want to order marijuana seeds online, but you have no idea which to choose. Every online seed bank claim that they are dependable and promise high-quality products.

These claims might be true, and all of them may provide high-quality marijuana seeds. But what makes them different? Can you just order marijuana seeds from anywhere?

Of course not. Rather, you need to choose the best seed bank to order your products, like United Strains of America.

Cannabis Seeds Anatomy

Marijuana seeds are ovular in shape, almost the size of a peppercorn, and pointed on both ends with a ride, which transverses longitudinally on one side from one tip to another. This ridge opens up when seeds are germinating.

Cannabis seeds are also brown, though unfertilized and underdeveloped ones are smaller and might be off-white.

Plant embryos are usually contained within the seeds and accommodate cells, which eventually differentiate into stems, leaves, and roots. Other important components of the embryo are:

  • Radicle
  • First leaves
  • Cotyledons

Types of Marijuana Seeds

While it’s possible to order marijuana seeds online from a seed bank, it might be overwhelming to choose one, especially with different kinds of seeds available today.

The first thing you may want to do is to decide what kind of strain to grow. Many seed banks have a selection, at times organized by high-CBD, indica, hybrid, sativa, or recreational and medical uses.

Feminized seeds are the first category you will come across. As you probably thought at first, this refers to the gender of cannabis plants.

Although female cannabis plants are more desired for cultivating smokable flowers, feminized seeds have advantages and disadvantages.

As a matter of fact, most breeders advertise them to have a 100% success rate, saving cultivators the time of separating and identifying female and male plants. Apart from feminized seeds, other types include:

  • Auto-flowering
  • Regular seeds

Clones vs. Marijuana Seeds

For a typical home grower, it can be easier to get marijuana seeds than clones. Growing cannabis from seeds may produce stronger plants with solid genetics.

Plus, plants cultivated from seeds will be heartier compared to clones. This is cannabis seeds have a stronger taproot – meaning you may plant seeds directly into outdoor gardens in wet, cool, and early spring climates.

However, some individuals prefer growing their seeds indoors as they can be delicate in the first stages of growth. Plus, you may provide your cannabis seedlings with a supplemental light to help them grow and transplant them later outside when they’re big enough.

The Expense of Producing Marijuana Seeds

In simple terms, yes. It’s normal to pay around $12 per seed – meaning a pack of ten seeds can set you back more than $110.

If you breed marijuana seeds working in the shadows due to prohibition, it will take you longer to produce high-quality ones.

There is a small matter of legal consequences when you get caught cultivating and breeding cannabis seeds. For example, in places like Alabama, manufacturing cannabis is considered the first degree of felony and usually carries a prison sentence of around ten years at the minimum.

Quality and Cannabis Seeds

Quality cannabis seeds are basically the key to good harvests and healthy plants. Although good light quality and proper watering/feeding greatly affect the yield potential and health of your marijuana plants, beginning a grow with a top-shelf genetic is equally important.

Unlike agricultural crops, such as grain, vegetables, and fruits, marijuana has not gone through vigorous breeding methods, ensuring stable plants.

According to experts, there are some factors, which you need to evaluate and examine when buying seeds. Some of these factors include:

  • Appearance and feel
  • Storage
  • Maturity

Seed Preservation

Whether you buy or grow seeds, you may take some precautions to keep all of them safe until they become ready to cultivate. If you do it correctly, you may store cannabis seeds for a few years and use them for cultivating healthy marijuana plants.

You should also keep your seeds in a dry, cool, and dark place. Avoid exposing the seeds to sunlight or moisture to prevent them from sprouting.

In addition, keep them in a room temperature. Exposing your seeds to extreme heat or cold can damage them to an extent that you will not be able to germinate them.

THC and Marijuana Seeds

Most cultivators want to cultivate cannabis that can pack a punch, so they look for seeds, which may grow weed with a high level of THC.

Although THC is vital, you cannot enjoy everything that comes with it. What good can a high amount of THC do when the cannabis has a bad odor or taste?

When buying seeds, it’s worth knowing the different kinds of seeds and what kind of effects they have. Plus, look at the level of THC and its effects so as to determine if the cannabis may give you the feel-good and all-around experience you want.

Health Benefits of Cannabis Seeds

Many nutritional professionals say that plant-based proteins are easier and healthier for your body to digest than any animal-based proteins.

Cannabis seeds are among the best source of plant-based and natural proteins, which you may find. This explains why farmers globally used marijuana seeds to nourish their livestock before it became illegal. Apart from providing natural proteins, cannabis seeds can:

  • Offer important omega fatty acid
  • Prevent disease
  • Be great for the health of your heart
  • Gain or lose weight

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Whether you grow cannabis for income or personal use, it’s important to give your crops the best start in life. Just as with children and animals, healthy starts can result in strong and rapid growth.

When growing seeds, you may want to determine a perfect way to germinate cannabis seeds. Experimenting with cannabis germination will be a great way to determine what’s suitable for you.

Concluding Remarks!

Marijuana seeds can all look the same, though the potential for endless variety is captured within those speckled and brown hulls. From carefully refined sativa to industrial hemp and other strains yet to be found, cannabis plants start from seeds that you can always buy online.

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