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What Can the Cannabis Seeds Diet Do for You?


Nowadays, you can easily find edible hemp seeds in the stores and get weed seeds Sensoryseeds online. These products are legal, and you now have access to some of the best products on the market.

Cannabis seed: a trendy product

The hype surrounding the medicinal plant of the past year is unbroken. Meanwhile, hemp - also known as cannabis - is not only used for relaxation, pain relief and depression.

Could quality cannabis seeds be the next super food that's on everyone's lips? Available in many forms including oil, flour and seeds, the active medicinal ingredients not only relax holistically, they also act as a healthy and efficient slimming booster according to the latest studies. Win your choice of any strain in return for leaving an honest review... win any cannabis strain here.

Thanks to the latest findings, the highly nutrient-rich plant are considered to be the ultimate slimming product. Today, we will reveal how the medicinal plant supports healthy weight loss.

What hemp and cannabis seeds do for you?
100 active medicinal ingredients are contained in the hemp leaves and seeds. New processing methods and analysis techniques have made it possible to make the active ingredients of the plant better available to humans and to research them.

Hemp and cannabis seeds are also suitable for …

The heart and blood flow
Cannabis seeds contain high-quality unsaturated fats and are an ideal omega-3 supplier. Most people consume enough omega-6 but only a few omega-3 fatty acids.

The World Health Organization recommends a ratio of 4: 1 for omega 6 and omega 3. If this relation is not correct, it promotes inflammatory processes in the body and can trigger complaints such as chronic nerve disorders or cardiovascular problems.

Cannabis is the only plant that has a near-optimal ratio of 3.75:1!

The muscles
The protein content of up to 30 per cent also makes cannabis seeds an ideal source of protein - and a real meat alternative for vegetarians and vegans. The protein contained is very similar to the body's own and therefore easy to digest and long-lasting filling.

The cells
Vitamin B2, which is also necessary for building muscle, is found in higher concentrations in hemp seeds than in meat or milk. The vitamin is also essential for the regulation of stress hormones, the function of the thyroid gland, and eye and skin health.

Blood and brain
The gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) contained in hemp oil is one of the rarest naturally occurring fatty acids. It has a positive effect on the symptoms of neurodermatitis or arthritis and alleviates symptoms during premenstrual syndrome (PMS). So far, GLA could only be detected in hemp oil, evening primrose oil, pomegranate seed oil and spirulina.

A little more about cannabis seeds' active ingredients

Do you consider cannabis to be a stimulant that mainly creates cravings? You are partly right.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychotropic substance that is released when smoking cannabis, has a strong appetite-stimulating effect. It is therefore not very conducive to a diet.

Besides, the intoxicating THC (note: the THC content in the product is over 0.5 per cent) is illegal. Therefore: hands-off.

The legal CBD (cannabidiol) is different. In contrast to THC, CBD reduces the feeling of hunger.

In some patients who have been taking CBD drops for a long time because of various complaints, a significant weight reduction was observed as a side effect.

But the cannabis plant can do even more

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9) contained in high concentrations are incredibly rich in nutrients and beneficial to health. The high-quality protein promotes muscle building and - coupled with the fatty acids - keeps the blood sugar level at a healthy level.

B vitamins reduce the stress level and thus additionally support the weight loss process. The function of the thyroid is also optimally supported by vital substances. And all on a purely vegetable basis! That is why a hemp cure is particularly suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

It is how the cannabis seeds diet works

Regardless of whether you have little time and want to lose radical fat or you are a passionate cook who eats healthily and wants to lose weight gently: hemp provides the necessary components for all goals.

The "hemp diet" can primarily be divided into three basic concepts. With the "shake instead of meal" concept, one meal of the day is replaced by a shake. It saves calories and at the same time, supplies the body with essential nutrients and fibre.

The concept of "balance and balance in a nutrient-rich everyday diet" places the main focus on well-being. Many high-quality foods and hemp products ensure the right nutrient balance. The third concept "movement and performance" should - no matter.

Introducing the body to hemp and cannabis seeds

Protein and nutrient-rich hemp shakes are particularly suitable as low-calorie and filling meal replacements. In addition to hemp seeds, flour or drops, hemp oils on salads, are an additional way to consume the valuable ingredients in everyday life.

In addition to many advantages, there is also a "caution". It should be noted that CBD can cause different effects in every person - including side effects such as diarrhea, nausea

The nutrition experts recommend starting with every CBD therapy with a low dosage and slowly taking it until you have the desired effect Increase.


As with any diet, the same applies to the hemp diet: A radical approach is not advisable. Introduce your stomach and circulation to the change slowly by integrating individual meals with hemp into your menu.

It will be also a great idea to consult a doctor or a nutritionist before starting to add this ingredient to the daily diet and read some articles on specialized blogs such as Sensoryseeds.

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