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How to Choose Cannabis Seed Banks
in Canada in 2021!

While ordering cannabis seeds online, everyone wants to make sure that they get the highest-quality seeds from a trusted source.

There are many Canadian seed banks available these days for people to buy their seeds from. But, picking the right seed bank often seems hard for even experts. Although numerous seed banks advertise themselves as the most reliable, not all of them meet everyone's expectations.

Indeed, some of you might think that the best way to buy marijuana seeds online is to order seeds from the seed bank that sells them for the lowest price - but that's not it!

There are other important factors that you should think of while choosing the right Canadian seed bank. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you want to select the right Canadian seed bank to get the premium quality seeds for your 'Marijuana Garden.'

Quality Seeds and Classical Genetics

Reliable seed banks usually have a wide variety of seeds, offering from 05 to 50 seeds. Typically, it includes Regular, Feminized, and Auto flowering strains. You can trust the site that labels their products correctly to make things easier for a buyer.

Some seed banks even cultivate some of their own strains as well. As such, if you're looking for a particular favorite in mind—or if you just like to experiment with a range of different strains, picking an online seed bank with a large selection of strains is necessary.


Usually, known Canadian seed banks offer enough coverage of two types of guarantees: germination and delivery.

You will find a difference in the germination guarantees. Some vendors provide 80%-100% germination guarantees, while others might not offer any guarantees at all as it can change the cost of the seeds. The seed banks that don't give this guarantee would often send free seeds instead, as their intention is to make sure that their clients end up with the number of plants they paid for.

It is advisable to go with a seed bank that offers guaranteed delivery. Some might even give a tracking number with your order (which might cost you more). Things can get wrong while shipping, but if you select the best one, you won't have to worry as they offer free replacements if anything gets messy.

Payment Options

A legit seed bank would always allow multiple payment methods like cash, bank transfer, credit or debit card for their buyers' convenience. Almost all Canadian seed banks also accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium as it is the most secure way to keep you safe from online theft.

It would be best to compare the seed banks you wish to buy from and pick the one that offers your preferred way of paying the amount.

Shipping Policies

Many Canadian seed banks offer worldwide shipping. However, a few might not ship to your country. So it is always better to check the company's shipping policies before placing an order.

Different sellers have different packaging. Some send seeds in their original packaging, while other seed banks, especially those that ship to countries and states where marijuana is not legal, will use stealth or discreet shipping. Most seed banks will let you decide how you want your package to be.

The Stealth shipping option might cost you an additional charge on smaller quantities, but it's usually free with bulk orders.

Customer Service

You can trust a seed bank that's always a call away to solve your doubts about your seeds. You can contact them over the telephone or send them a text using email.

You should look for all these details on the official website of a seed bank. A few seed banks might not reveal any contact details and rather want you to fill up a form if you have any inquiries.

Ratings and Reviews

While looking for the best Canadian seed bank, you should always take a good look at online reviews as it's the easiest way to judge any seed bank. On a reputable platform like TrustPilot, you would find the ratings and reviews about a particular seller. It will help you to get a fair judgment of the seed bank's quality and authenticity.

If you see negative reviews along with positive ones, that's probably a sign of a legitimate source, especially if a firm responds to those remarks. 

You can also join popular online forums if you have any doubts. Such online platforms are a good source of information, especially for beginners.

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