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Time to Grow: 5 Important Cannabis Growing Tips You Have to Know

Cannabis Growing Tips

Cannabis is a thriving industry set to be worth 72 billion by 2027. With marijuana's growing popularity cultivating marijuana has become a hot topic.

If you're considering growing your own cannabis these 5 cannabis growing tips can help you get a step in the right direction.

Set Up Your Grow Area

Before you just dive right into growing marijuana, there are few things you'll need to get set up. First, are you going to be growing indoors or outdoors?

If you're growing outdoors, then you won't need much to set up your space. All you need is a good spot to plant that gets an adequate amount of sunlight. And you're done with the outdoor setup.

If you're growing indoors, then a little more thought is required. Youll need an area that is easily accessible and can accommodate grow equipment. You'll also need to decide if you're going to grow your plants hydroponically or in soil.

PH Balance

If you're using soil ph balance is an important aspect of growing your cannabis. It helps make sure your plant is getting all of the nutrients that it needs. With optimal nutrition, your plant will produce its maximum yield.

With that being said, don't overfeed your plant nutrients. This can be more harmful than good.


Lighting is probably the biggest part of growing cannabis. If your plant is outdoors, you won't have to worry as much. However indoor plants need more than just a sunny window.

An indoor plant will almost always need to have a lamp to help simulate sunlight. Many lighting systems have timers making it easy to better imitate sunrise and sunset.


It's very important to not jump the gun on harvesting your buds. If your harvest too early your cannabis could have lower THC levels and smaller less flavourful buds.

A good way to tell if they are ready is by checking the hair-like pistils that grow on your plant. Once these pistils turn from white to a dark color and start to curl up its time to harvest.

Even after harvesting, you're still not ready to smoke just yet. You still need to dry and cure your harvest.

Drying and Curing

It's important to dry out your buds both to do be able to cure and smoke correctly. Many growers say storing branches or even whole plants upside down while drying increases the quality of your harvest.

After completely drying your cannabis you'll pack it into a mason jar or container with a good seal. You'll then keep your cannabis in a dark area for at least 3 weeks. You'll want to open the jar daily in those three weeks to allow any moisture to escape.

More Cannabis Growing Tips

Don't overthink growing cannabis. It may seem complicated, but it will get easier the more you interact with your plants.

Need inspiration on what to do with your homegrown stash? Harvest HOC Blog has a variety of articles to inspire you.

Grow With Us

We hope these basic cannabis growing tips gave you some valuable insight into growing your marijuana. If you did find this helpful, be sure to share it with your friends and family.

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