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Seven Less-Known Cannabis Strains
for a Peaceful Sleep

peaceful sleep

Do you know, every tenth person in the US is suffering from some sort of sleep disorder? Good sleep is as vital to you as sunlight to the plants. It affects many facets of your everyday life. Any compromises with that can leave you exhausted and irritable. Ultimately, it deteriorates the quality of your life.

But like almost everything in life, it also has a natural solution. Just as there are pills that induce sleep, there are also natural substances, such as Cannabis, that can help you rest. Sit tight and let us take you on a ride to seven natural cannabis wonders that will be your shining armour in fighting with insomnia.

But Wait, Why Only Cannabis?

Yes, we know that there are many other ways to get rid of sleepless nights, but using medical cannabis is undoubtedly the best of them all. Let us explain the science behind this. Both our own body and marijuana produce substances called cannabinoids. And in turn, in the brain, we have a natural receptor for these substances, CB1. This is part of our endocannabinoid system that, among other things, regulates basic functions such as sleep.

Within the cannabinoids, the most abundant is THC, which makes it possible to fall asleep faster. And both this and the CBD help increase the time we stay asleep. In addition, there are indications that marijuana could be a natural alternative to treat sleep apnea.

But above all, there are studies that indicate that THC helps to achieve a deeper sleep. which is of vital importance, since, it is believed, it is in this state when the body is "repaired." However, it should be noted that an excess of cannabinoids can cause either the inverse effect or a hangover sensation the next day. Now, let us discover what are the best varieties of marijuana to sleep and fight insomnia.

Varieties of Marijuana That Can Aid Your Sleeping

When it comes to choosing Cannabis to fall asleep, there is an immense range of possibilities that will meet the goal. In general, it is the Indica varieties that best serve this purpose, since they usually relax both the body and the mind, but you will be surprised to know that there are hybrids and sativas that also serve this purpose.

There are some from softer ones, which will make you want to slowly head towards the bed and more powerful ones that will leave you lost in moments. Let's have a look at each of them.

.5G Indica

.5G is a hybrid and Sativa-dominant variety of recreational marijuana created specifically for therapeutic purposes. Contrary to what we might expect from such genetics, Pain Killer is very sedative, which is optimal for fighting insomnia and soothing muscle aches.

This strain of marijuana is also indicated to stimulate appetite and eliminate nausea caused, for example, by chemotherapy. 0.5G is also a very productive variety, which guarantees a copious harvest of buds loaded with resin. And it is delicious to taste and smell, with its earthy and citrus notes.

Black Domina

Black Domina is marijuana that brings together several of the best-known characteristics of Indica varieties. On the one hand, it is very easy to grow, which makes it ideal for both experts and novice growers, who will obtain a very resinous crop, especially from the main tail, which grows compact and covered with bright crystals.

On the other hand, Black Domina has a variety of crushing effects, which generates an instant disposition to relax and sleep deeply. For these characteristics, it is recommended for night use. It also effectively fights pain and helps mitigate stress and depression. This strain combines citrus and earthy flavours, with a sweet touch.

Animal Mintz

Animal Mintz is a variety of Indica dominance with strong physical effect, very fast and powerful, which helps to sleep and soothe pains, as well as whet the appetite. Another of the qualities that make Money Maker a highly appreciated variety is its high level of productivity since it develops clusters of compact buds throughout the plant, including the lower branches, from which the resin already drips a few weeks after flowering.

As for the taste and aroma, it is a wave of berries, nuts, and spices with a good Kush touch, which intensifies with combustion.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the most outstanding cannabis strains of all time, and its refined and powerful genetics have been used in the creation of new cannabis varieties for decades. This Indica beast is super powerful, and it already reflects it from its growth, fast, productive and compact. And yet, it is very easy to grow, so it is within the reach of anyone to obtain a harvest from one of the best Indica in the world.

But in addition to its qualities for cultivation and its legendary name, Northern Lights is highly prized for its medicinal potential: it is a variety with an extremely relaxing effect, which is felt both in the body and in the mind, and in this way, It not only relieves pain but induces sleep and allows rest.

Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights Auto is the automatic variety of the previous one. And like that one, it is very powerful, which results in a narcotic effect that promotes sleep and rest. It is a plant of short stature, but very branched, that produces good buds in all branches. It is very easy to grow, and at 9 weeks, from the germination of the seed, the harvest is ready.

Afghan Express

Afghan Express was created by Positronics with the aim of obtaining an auto-flowering strain rich in cannabinoids, especially in CBD. It is marijuana to sleep peacefully since its effect is very relaxing and pleasant. It is a plant so large that it does not seem auto-flowering, and both the central stem and the numerous lateral branches are filled with large and resinous buds. Afghan Express gives off a scent of moss and the most delicious oriental hashish, which is also felt in the mouth, mixed with hints of honey.

To conclude, remember that you do not need to resort to synthetic drugs to deal with your sleep problems. There are natural options available like marijuana to say goodbye to insomnia - once and for all!

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