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All About Cannabis Extraction Machines:
Benefits, Uses and More

Cannabis extraction should never be taken lightly, even if the products you want to market are for leisurely use. But if you want productivity + efficiency in the same mix, what extraction machine can handle both perfectly? Take a look at why cannabis extraction devices are the new go-to for procuring cannabis extracts. 

CO2 Extraction: What Exactly Does It Mean? 

Let’s start with what “cannabis extraction” is. Referred to as “processing”, it’s exactly as the phrase suggests--- extracting the potent components of cannabis, and infusing said components in products readily marketed and sold in commercial and non-commercial spheres. The extracts can also, in themselves, be offered for sale as concentrates. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about this process, researching cannabis extraction training services online can help you to discover how high-quality cannabis concentrates are made and sold.

What Happens in Cannabis Extraction Through CO2? The Process 

1. The Supercritical Fluid 

CO2, or Carbon Dioxide, is a natural gas. Being that it is in its original form which is a gaseous state, it needs to be compressed into a fluid in order for the extraction process to commence. Hence, a CO2 machine is activated and it transforms carbon dioxide from gas to liquid. To be specific--- a “supercritical” cold liquid. 

Now in its supercritical cold liquid state, it can be a gas as well as a liquid. What this signifies, in relation to the extraction, is that it can be utilised beyond the critical pressure and temperature averagely required. A median wherein gas and liquid can be synchronized with each other. 

This supercritical cold liquid can act as though it is gaseous, whilst maintaining its liquid density. 

At -69 degrees fahrenheit (and below), and with a pressure intensification to at least 75 lbs per square inch, the extraction is officially launched. 

***These numbers are unachievable through manual operations and can only be reached via CO2 extraction machines. 

2. The High-Grade Container (Extraction) 

Once the supercritical fluid has gone through the necessary pressure-sifters (through a compressor) and the necessary temperature-sifters (through a heater), it is transferred to a high-grade container. 

This container is located inside the very extractor itself, and it is here that vital components of cannabis are “pulled” or “extracted”. 

Unwanted materials such as plant waxes, trichomes, and certain types of terpene oils are eliminated from cannabis

Dewaxing is an important part of the extraction scheme for reasons of aesthetic and/or aroma purity. Beyond this, it’s that plant waxes include lipids which, based on medical research, have immunosuppressive effects. Immunosuppressors are agents that act against one’s immune system and weaken it, therefore making the body more volatile to attacks from bacteria and viruses. 

It should also be noted that impure extracts, because of the fats and waxes incompletely removed therein, may cause irritations in the throat once inhaled. The same can be true of cannabidiol topicals that are infused with impure concentrates, as they may bring about skin redness and rashes.

3. The Collection Receptacle 

For the final stage of the extraction, said terpenes, trichomes, and more are sent to a kind of collection vessel. Following this, the pure solution is passed on and through another vessel. This time, a condenser, where it is transformed back to its regular liquid state. The purpose for this? Reusage for a new extraction operation. 

The pure extracts are left to sit in room temperature for any remaining CO2 residuals to simply evaporate. The sudden decrease in pressure will cause these residuals to do so. Here’s a portion that isn’t technically a stage included in the extraction itself. Nonetheless, it’s an add-on, to permit the natural release of CO2 molecules, for a truly undiluted product. 

Why CO2 Extraction Is Trending

1. Understanding The Various Strains Of Cannabidiol 

You’ll be surprised to know that CO2 extraction and the methodology behind it informs us about both cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The capturing and isolation involved in the extraction cycle itself is a means that allows concentrate-makers and suppliers to look into the extracts more closely. 

And this extends to cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), cannabicitran (CBT), and cannabichromene (CBC), too. These classes of cannabinoids used to be elusive in terms of being studied for scientific research and practical applications. Presently, through CO2 extraction, not anymore. 

Moreover, this can be done in a faster, more convenient manner. Today’s CO2 machines are high in flexibility. They may be customized so that flow rate is adjusted according to a supplier’s quantity-framework. Higher production will not result in lower quality. Cannabis oils will be retained in their pure state, while harmful chemicals and other impurities are removed completely, at a faster rate than average. 

2. Medicinal Application 

As cannabinoids are finally being brought under the scientific microscope, safer measures are being taken in dealing with this medicinal/ leisure organic material. Therefore, more of it is continually becoming prevalent in the commercial market. 

And since CO2 extraction opens doors to scientific analysis of cannabinoids, concerns of safety in partaking of cannabidiol-infused products is being eased as well. This implies that we can expect a larger (albeit already growing) market for cannabis and cannabis-suffused items. 

Once-unknown medicinal benefits of cannabinoids are being brought to light, giving emphasis on what’s called the “entourage effect”. In this “entourage effect”, it is said that cannabinoid agents work “as one”, to produce diverse yet useful positive bodily synergies.

3. Direct Positive Effects 

CBD or THC alone each have their own separate effects. But through extraction from the entire plant itself, you get to reap benefits as a whole. Besides chronic pain, muscle strain, arthritis, migraines, and nausea, extracts can help against cognitive and/or mental problems, too. Among its targets are anxiety and depression. Plus, it may aid in strengthening cognitive performances, specifically in memory-enhancement. 

Above all, there are newer studies which reveal that there is a possibility in which myrcene compounds in extracts (when combined with caryophyllene, and other crucial cannabidiol fusions) may assist in allowing beneficial ingredient-constituents to pass through without being impeded by barrieres in blood-brain aspects. 

The latter equates to less waste when using cannabinoid products. CO2 extraction paves the way for excellent absorption, optimal saturation, and optimal results. That, and without the risk of having a “bad trip”. This, in turn, ensures that the cannabinoids are preserved as much as possible, unlike other extraction techniques which bring the medicinal properties of marijuana to nil--- zero. Not so with CO2 extraction.

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