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Is it Safe to Light Up Cannabis During Covid-19?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has transformed everything in the space of a couple of months. From the hospitality and tourism industry to mass gatherings, everyone has experienced a significant blow.

While governments in several countries are closing down specific businesses as well as schools and institutions, States, where marijuana is legal, are experiencing a significant rise in sales. People are buying top quality marijuana seeds in 2020 to grow at home and making the most of other available supplements in efforts to have a worthwhile experience.

Since cannabis and its various compounds are known for alleviating and fighting pain, anxiety, and depression, users are making the most of it in the times of COVID-19. According to experts, an alarming statistic reveals a skyrocketing increase in the current sales of the natural substance. According to the World Health Organization, people suffering from smoking-related lung diseases are at an alarming risk and should exercise caution. That’s because the virus is known to have a direct impact on the lungs.

However, many people are still in a situation where they are left clueless about whether to consume cannabis or leave it be. Even though recent updates by government bodies and professionals have made it clear not to light-up such substances in this crisis, the increase in cannabis sales in the past two months indicates otherwise. So, let’s read through some vital information to understand why marijuana shouldn’t be consumed in the Covid-19 crisis.

1. Impact on the Respiratory System

The process of inhaling a specific substance, be it cannabis or any other natural substance, makes a user develop a reoccurring habit. Over a period, the lungs of such users may develop lung-related diseases that accommodate the Covid-19 symptoms. One of the researches conducted in China states that people with a history of smoking had a higher rate of progression of the virus symptoms than those that don’t.

Cannabis can sometimes be more invasive than tobacco. Although the two are quite different, the impact of cannabis can be worse. The reason is that the volume inhaled through puffing cannabis is one-third more than the amount inhaled through tobacco. Smoking cannabis can also lead to inflamed airways that can make the case more severe. Not only does this scenario make your airways inflamed and irritated, but it hinders the level of your immune system, which in turn could cater to the virus symptoms, making it worse.

2. Don’t Pass the Joint

The cannabis culture promotes oneness, and such a notion requires smokers to sit, roll, and puff together. But, since the primary concept followed in this pandemic situation is to maintain a distance of six feet, it would be wise to distance yourself from lighting up with other people. Along with that, wearing a face mask whenever going out in public is also necessary. However, an ongoing study is in the process of determining whether cannabis can make things easier or not during the times of COVID.

Cannabis During Covid-19

Sharing might be caring, but in the COVID times, such an emotion can wait. When it comes to puffing a natural substance like skywalker og strain, several medical experts have stated that users should stay away from the use of marijuana during the pandemic. That’s because it can lead to many other symptoms like shortage of breath and swollen and inflamed airways. Moreover, smoking weed with people would add to the entire situational crisis. Thus sharing even a single joint with someone increases your risk of acquiring or spreading the disease.

3. Compromised Immune System

As a matter of fact, all inhaling substances cause damage to the respiratory organs. However, cannabis also contributes to the deterioration of the immune system. A study has proved that cannabis produces Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells, a kind of immune cell that compromises the immune system. These cells develop when the cannabis receptors are activated in the body.

If you have a compromised immune system infectious diseases and viruses can enter the body. Since long-term use of cannabis can directly affect the lungs, your immune system might not function as effectively post-marijuana intake. The National Institute of Health (NIH) states that such a situation not only leaves a considerable impact on your immunity levels but acts as a severe threat in binding the virus with users who smoke or vape. Therefore, minimizing the use of cannabis during the pandemic situation is a possible road to recovery.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis During Covid-19

During post-lockdown and the Covid-19 situation users have incorporated the use of cannabis more as compared to the pandemic. Due to its therapeutic properties to fight anxiety and other ailments, users believe that a low dosage of cannabis intake can keep them away from getting infected. However, experts believe that one should stay away from smoking the natural substance and even recommend that regular recreational smokers should stop consuming the drug as well.

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