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Understanding Cannabis Cultivation to
See if it’s Right for You

The legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use has been gradually sweeping across the United States. Now, with these brand new legalized possibilities, people aren’t just looking into using marijuana but also into growing the cannabis plant.

Many people keep cacti or meticulously grow bonsai trees, and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the new buzz in home cultivation in many states is the cannabis plant. The cultivation process of cannabis and its subsequent product can be rewarding in the right circumstances, so it’s good to know before you embark on this hobby of sorts whether cannabis cultivation is right for you.

Are you allowed to grow cannabis in your area?

Cannabis Cultivation

The laws are constantly changing across the United States, with more and more jurisdictions seeing the medicinal and recreational benefits of legalizing marijuana. At the time of writing, eleven states permitted the recreational cultivation of cannabis, but there are factors to consider so that your activities are kept within the permits of the law.

In Vermont, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, and Michigan, you are allowed to grow two, four, six, twelve, and twelve plants per household, respectively. This is regardless of your proximity to medicinal marijuana outlets or to having a medical prescription for marijuana. In Nevada, however, you must reside over 25 miles away from the nearest medical marijuana dispensary to grow your own legally, while to obtain a grower’s license in Washington, you must demonstrate a need for medicinal marijuana.

As you can see, all states uphold restrictions on cannabis cultivation, but the potential to grow your own marijuana is becoming more prevalent across the United States. As we've seen, legislation varies. For instance, in Washington, you need to be medically diagnosed as needing marijuana – which is also the thinking behind Nevada’s restrictions.

The ability to get marijuana on prescription varies around the country. Still, studies from the National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine have filed several reports, concluding that there is conclusive evidence that cannabis and cannabinoids are effective treatments for pain in adults. Products based on the plant have proven to be effective in the world of therapeutics, particularly for chronic pain, nausea induced by chemotherapy, and muscle spasms that occur due to multiple sclerosis.

Cultivating your cannabis plants

Cannabis Cultivation

Many benefits can come with home-grown cannabis, ranging from the stress-minimizing effect of growing and caring for a plant to having the marijuana more accessible if you need it for its medicinal qualities. However, there are some important things that you need to know before you start.

Assuming that you’ve checked the legality of the activity in your state, you then need to look into the key elements of cannabis cultivation, which include: deciding what form of cannabis plant you want to grow; whether you’ll be growing it indoors or outdoors; that it can take up to 23 weeks to harvest; and that you’ll need to dry and cure the marijuana yourself.

Depending on the growing methods, seeds used, and harvesting techniques, the characteristics of the resulting yield will differ every time, making the repeated cultivation of cannabis a hobby on which people can experiment and improve depending on their preferences.

There’s a lot to learn as base information for cannabis cultivation, but perhaps almost half of that will be through trying different methods and types of cannabis. As a hobby or a means of keeping your medicinal supply readily stocked, it’s easy to see why growing cannabis at home is gaining popularity.

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