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Can GERD Be Cured? Finding Lasting Relief With Biomagnetism

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD, affects a significant portion of the entire population in the US, causing frequent heartburn, regurgitation, and discomfort. While antacids and acid blockers temporarily relieve symptoms, many seek alternative options like biomagnetism for more lasting solutions without drugs.

Understanding GERD

GERD occurs when stomach acid frequently flows back up into the esophagus, causing irritation and damage to delicate tissues unaccustomed to acid exposure. The esophageal sphincter meant to keep food and fluid in the stomach, becomes weakened. This valve then fails to close properly and allows corrosive digestive juices to wash upwards.

Common symptoms include

  • A bitter, sour taste in the mouth
  • Burning sensation in the chest and throat
  • Post-meal pain, 
  • Difficulty swallowing, 
  • Chest pressure mimicking heart attack symptoms. 

These occur at least twice weekly when left untreated. Repeated acid irritation can erode tooth enamel and lead to cancerous cellular changes over time as well.

Root causes and risk factors

While the root cause in some cases involves anatomical factors like hiatal hernia or enlarged hiatus, habitual lifestyle and dietary choices more commonly underpin GERD development for most sufferers. 

Common risk factors include:

  • Obesity 
  • Smoking 
  • Alcohol consumption 
  • High-fat diet 
  • Large meals 
  • Bending positions after eating 
  • Certain medications
  • Hereditary predisposition also plays a role for some patients.

Can GERD Be Cured?

Conventional treatment focuses on symptom management rather than addressing root causes or achieving a cure. Widely prescribed drugs like antacids neutralize stomach acid after reflux occurs, while acid blockers reduce acid production altogether to minimize damage. Yet, coming off the drugs allows symptoms to inevitably return without resolving the underlying dysfunction first. While helpful temporally for some, medications pose problems long-term for many GERD sufferers.

Inadequacies of Traditional GERD Treatment

  1. Acid blockers lose effectiveness over time, requiring higher doses with worse side effects.
  2. Rebound reflux from medication withdrawal can worsen symptoms
  3. Fails to strengthen the esophageal sphincter’s closure capacity
  4. Allows subtle cellular damage in the esophagus to progress silently over the years 
  5. Does not address dietary and lifestyle habits contributing to GERD
  6. Temporary masking of symptoms enables avoidance of needed lifestyle changes
  7. Discourages natural stomach acid production essential for nutrient absorption

The goal of treating GERD with biomagnetism differs dramatically from the conventional medical approach. Rather than reactively attempting to neutralize or suppress symptoms when they occur, this holistic therapy aims to prevent reflux episodes by rebuilding normal digestive function free of irritation.

Introducing Biomagnetism

If you’re dealing with frequent heartburn, chest pain, regurgitation, and eating restrictions from GERD despite antacids or acid blockers, looking into biomagnetism online training may provide another option for relief. 

Biomagnetism uses magnetic fields to gently restore balance within the body’s energy systems that regulate digestion. A certified practitioner places magnets at very precise points along energy meridians to interact with your body’s electromagnetic frequency. This reestablishes harmony in areas disrupted with GERD—like the esophageal sphincter’s closure capacity, stomach acid production, mucous secretions, enzyme activation, and muscle contractions—to rebuild normal digestive function holistically. It also eases inflammation and soothes irritated tissues. 

Rather than override symptoms when they occur like medications, this non-invasive, drug-free therapy aims to prevent GERD flare-ups by addressing root causes. Over just a few sessions with periodic maintenance care afterward, most patients find substantial and lasting relief from GERD symptoms with this safe, non-invasive treatment.

How Biomagnetism Helps Relieve GERD

A series of sessions strategically applying magnets along energy meridians related to digestion provides regenerative benefits that calm GERD on multiple fronts, including:

  • Reduces inflammation and ulceration in esophageal tissue
  • Relaxes and tonifies sphincter to close securely
  • Normalizes stomach acid and enzyme secretions
  • Improves gut microbiome balance
  • Eases muscle spasms and discomfort after eating
  • Boosts circulation and tissue regeneration 
  • Lessens immune-mediated nerve reactions
  • Calms anxiety and stress influencing digestion 

FAQs about biomagnetism for GERD patients:

Q1: How long does it take to see results?

Most patients note significant improvements after just a couple of biomagnetism sessions. Symptoms like heartburn, regurgitation, and pain usually begin subsiding within the first few weeks.

Q2: Is biomagnetism safe?

Yes, biomagnetism is very safe and non-invasive with virtually no side effects, as only externally-placed magnets are used to transmit electromagnetic fields gently into tissues underneath. It does not interfere with pacemakers or medical devices either.

Q3: Can biomagnetism cure my GERD permanently?

While not a quick overnight cure, biomagnetism facilitates progressive and lasting changes over time to resolve the underlying dysfunction, not just temporarily minimize symptoms. By continuing periodic maintenance sessions, remission can be sustained long-term without medication dependence.

Q4: Can I stop taking GERD medications if I try biomagnetism? 

Work closely with your prescribing doctor on safely weaning off medications as symptoms improve with biomagnetism. Never quit prescription drugs abruptly without medical supervision. Many can slowly taper acid blockers once they see results after several sessions.

Q5: How long do biomagnetism results last? 

Consistency is key for long-lasting results. Periodic maintenance visits help sustain the cumulative benefits. GERD can return if you ignore lifestyle triggers or miss too many follow-up appointments over time. Most enjoy drug-free digestion long-term if they stick to the practitioner’s recommendations.

Getting holistic relief from GERD

Rather than periodically taking medications whenever symptoms spike and then quitting once they pass, biomagnetism facilitates gradual yet lasting changes over weeks and months of care. While not an overnight cure, most patients experience substantial improvements within the first four to six visits. 

Lasting success depends on maintaining periodic maintenance sessions as well as implementing recommended dietary modifications. When combined appropriately with lifestyle adjustments, biomagnetism offers hope for naturally managing GERD without lifelong drug dependence.

Wrapping up

By holistically addressing the entire digestive system rather than briefly neutralizing acid alone, this natural energy therapy aims to resolve the problem at its roots - not just prune back symptoms temporarily. 

Dr. Luis Garcia, a pioneer in Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, is transforming lives by popularizing this holistic wellness approach which rebalances energy to restore health where conventional medicine falls short. Dr. Garcia is dedicated to advancing Biomagnetism and his groundbreaking application of Biomagnetism has helped dramatically restore wellbeing in patients. 

Dr. Garcia continues conducting research, speaking publicly, training practitioners, and treating patients to make Biomagnetic Pair Therapy's revolutionary health benefits more accessible. His commitment to disseminating this therapy is restoring vitality in people worldwide.

Consider exploring biomagnetism if you’re seeking more than mere temporary relief from your GERD woes. 

Intrigued? Click here to know more. What is Biomagnetism Therapy?

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