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Reasons Why Camping Is Important for Your Health

Camping Boost Your Health

By Desa Rome

Camping is wonderful. It is one of the activities that can bring together fishing, hiking, campfires, sports, and family bonding over stories and good food during a vacation. What makes it even more wonderful is the fact that it also has numerous health benefits. However, in order to have an amazing trip, you always need to bring adequate and the best camping gear so that you can have an amazing trip. Nevertheless, here is why camping is so important for your health.

You Get Fresh Air

When you are out in nature in all its raw beauty, a simple deep breath fills your lungs with oxygen, straight from the trees that are located around you. This kind of fresh air is great for you. Your brain becomes more focused, you think more clearly, and increased oxygen content makes the brain release serotonin which lowers stress levels. Fresh air is also great for improving blood pressure, aiding in digestion and boosting the immune system.

You Get to Exercise

If you work an 8 to 5 job, the chances for you to exercise are very dim. When camping, you have no choice but to do a lot of exercise. From fixing your tent to hiking to your camping ground and also different activities that are offered in most camping grounds, exercise is a key component of camping. Exercising has numerous health benefits, including maintaining the good health of your heart and lungs.

You Get to Socialize

This may sound cliché, but our society today has little room for human interaction. We are too focused on other things, and talking to 5,000 ‘friends’ you barely know on the internet has replaced our idea of socialization. A hug, a smile, talking or even skin to skin contact with members of your family is rare these days, and it has taken a toll on our health and overall development. Socializing helps delay memory loss and extends lifespans, and simply talking to someone lowers stress levels. Camping offers an opportunity to socialize away from the stresses of normal life. A great example of a camping site would be Mont Blanc. By simply taking a tour with your friends in Mont Blanc, and trekking in three different countries for a short period of time, really is a lifetime memory for you and your friends to cherish.

Lots of Sunshine

Camping in the outdoors lets you take in lots of sunshine all day. It may sound surprising, but we hardly take in enough sunshine in our daily lives. Staying cooped up all day in an office or kids spending entire days in classrooms and libraries is not healthy at all. The sun is a great source of Vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium for stronger bones and teeth.

A Good Night's Sleep

When you go out camping, you get to sleep in as long as you like without worrying about your job or whatever else forces you out of bed every day. Sleeping under the stars in the quiet of nature is soothing, and you will be guaranteed a good night's sleep. Plus, camping is exhausting, so at the end of the day, you will probably just pass out for several hours. A good night's sleep is essential for proper development and to keep the body functioning well. Plus, campfires produce yellow light, which triggers melatonin production. Melatonin regulates sleep and can improve your sleep cycles even after your camping experience is over.

Good Food

The way camping works is that you get a limited number of food options to choose from for the duration of your camping. You will likely only get to eat food that can be cooked or grilled over campfires. This will give your body a break from fast foods. You have to be smart in the food options you bring with you if you want to make sure you only have healthy meals.

Reduced Stress Levels

Camping has a way of pulling you away from the daily stresses of life and letting you be one with nature. Separating yourself from a stressful career for a while works wonders in reducing overall stress levels. Getting off the grid and unplugging from technology also improves your overall psychological, emotional and mental health.

You Get to Challenge Yourself

Our brains love new challenges. Camping provides opportunities for challenges and lots of activities that will stimulate your brain and make you think outside the box. This means that every camping experience is different, and if you go with an open mind, you will likely learn something new or discover something you never knew about yourself. This kind of stimulation promotes overall brain health.

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