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7 Proven Ways Camping Will Boost Your
Health and Wellbeing

Camping Boost Your Health

The reasons why so many people choose to spend their weekends outdoors are endless. For some it's the love of adventure, for others it's to be surrounded by the beauty of nature. Often, it's to escape the busyness and stresses of everyday life. And the best part? Camping is super affordable.

Additionally, camping and spending time outdoors offer significant health benefits, both physically and mentally. So, next time you feel like 'recharging,' don't disregard camping for being too much of an effort. Here's how camping can be beneficial to your health...


We all know that exercise is good for our health. Most of us spend eight hours a day behind a desk with hardly any activity throughout the day. A weekend spent outside will ensure tons of movement which helps circulation by increasing blood flow.

You will also burn calories, stabilize your joints and strengthen your muscles, all while improving your general fitness. Whether you choose to go hiking or swimming, make sure you take enough water to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn.

Vitamin D

A weekend by the lake or in the forest will expose you to plenty of sunshine, thus vitamin D. Without sufficient vitamin D, you are at risk for depression and weight gain, various types of cancer and heart diseases.

So if you want to ensure a healthy body, coming out from under the tent while camping is an excellent idea. Not only will you alleviate the risk of getting diseases, but sunshine is also good for the soul.


Since the rapid increase of mobile technology in recent years, lots of research has been done to determine the potential negative effects it might have on our health. Many studies confirm that poor sleep and anxiety are linked with the overuse of computers and smartphones, especially before bedtime.

Thus, it's not surprising that unplugging for a weekend will do you the world of good. Time away from your smart device or computer will allow you to connect with mother nature and the people you're with.

Fresh Air

If you live in the city, you know just how polluted the air can be. A weekend away in the fresh air will help to detox your body which will, in turn, boost your immune system and overall health.

Aside from the absence of polluted air entering our bodies, areas with high tree density offer air with higher levels of oxygen in it. Breathing in the clean air sends the brain more oxygen which releases more serotonin, which elevates the mood.

Stress Relief

The best way to unwind, reduce stress and increase your focus is by spending time in nature. It presents an opportunity to turn off your phone, put down your laptop and escape from the stress related to your job and everyday life.

Nature also offers a stillness without alarm clocks, traffic or a daily commute. There's no need to rush. You can take your time to wake up while surrounded by the sounds of nature, birds or perhaps even the crash of the ocean, all offering a sense of calmness.

Chronic stress is connected to many health-related issues such as high blood pressure, unexplained aches and pains, and even heart disease. Managing your stress by spending time outside will help you live a long, happy and healthy life. Fun with Family and Friends

Camping Boost Your Health

Many people sacrifice time with their loved ones with working longer hours, never-ending extracurricular activities and endless commutes. Even kids these days don't have any free time. When was the last time you had a chance to spend quality time with your family or friends without the interference of mobile phones or TV blaring in the background?

Spending time outside brings people together and offers the opportunity to spend time together without the distractions of our modern world. You can actually interact and laugh like it's 1999.

Good Sleep

Sitting around a campfire before bedtime is an effective way to wind down after a busy day and switch off the brain. You are more than likely physically exhausted, so an early bedtime at camp shouldn't be a problem. And as long as you’ve got comfortable sleeping arrangements, you’re set for a superior night of sleeping under the stars. An excellent way to get in a good night's rest is to invest in a quality camper trailer like the Conqueror Comfort from which includes a massive kingsize bed.

Camping and spending time in nature is good for your mental and physical health because it offers complete relaxation of the mind and the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” - John Muir

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