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Why is Camel Milk a Superfood?
Also Know Tips for Keeping the Milk Fresh

Camel Milk

Get rid of protein shakes and other energy boosters. Nowadays, researchers are talking about a new drink called camel drink. Unlike the Middle East and desert places of India know the significance of camel milk. Gradually, in the West, camel milk has become a "superfood." Don't scratch your head much; the post will let you know the reason for calling it. Not only this, you will have some valuable tips to keep the camel milk fresh in the summers.

Reasons for Calling Camel Milk Superfood

#1 — Camel milk helps and supports people with autoimmune diseases. If autistic children regularly drink camel milk, their symptoms may get better. They sleep better, talk better, make more eye contact, and have better gut health.

#2 — It works for both diabetes and gestational diabetes because it has insulin in it. Camel milk is very versatile and can be used to make smoothies and kheer, so diabetics could have it every day. Additionally, diabetes patients can look online for raw camel milk in the UK as they are free from artificial sweeteners.

#3 — It has been shown that camel milk can heal food allergies and gut problems. This is because it contains antibodies and immune properties that help it fight off viruses and bacteria.

Guidelines for Keeping Camel Milk Fresh

Great if you bought fresh camel milk in the UK. However, it's challenging to make it stay fresh for a longer period when the temperature is high. In other words, milk gets ruined faster in the summer. Below is some useful information that you can implement and keep fresh for a longer period of time.

1: Make sure the temperature in your fridge is at 4 degrees Celsius

Most fridges are set to 5 to 6 degrees Celsius, which is the best temperature for cow milk. It’s better to keep the milk at 4 degrees to increase shelf life and freshness. Even a one-degree rise in temperature can deteriorate the fresh milk before its expiration date.

2: Don't put the milk in the door of the fridge

It's because the door is constantly being opened and closed, and the temperature changes. Some fridge doors even have heaters built in to keep condensation from forming.

3: Buy lots of it and freeze it

The problem with fresh camel milk is that it doesn't last long, and you have to drink it quickly. So, if you buy more than one bottle at once, why not freeze and thaw each bottle as you need it? All of our bottles have both a "fresh" and a "freezer" use-by date. Don't forget to shake each bottle after it has thawed to make it full again. (Here's a tip: if you're trying to save milk, pour it out and freeze it as ice cubes!)

4: Take the cream out

Camel Milk is naturally low in fat, but the milk can be very creamy. You might notice a thin layer of cream on top of your milk bottle. This is normal for milk that hasn't been homogenised. But bacteria can get into the milk from the lid if the cream gets stuck in the neck of the bottle. Take it out with a spoon and put it in your tea or coffee instead!

Bottom Line

Camel milk is quite beneficial to health; that's why it's a part of a superfood in the West. Unlike cow milk, the milk is fruitful for people suffering from lactose and diabetes. The challenging part comes in keeping the milk fresh for an extended time. However, with the above tips, your work is easy. Moreover, the four tips above can help you save money as camel milk is a bit more expensive than cow milk.

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