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A Calm Mind Sees Clearly

Mindfulness Meditation

By Roger Elliot

There's little doubt any more that mindfulness meditation reduces stress.

One of the ways it does this is by helping you stand outside your thoughts and calm yourself (which the story later in the email also conveys).

We created the Mindfulness Meditation Training for this purpose - to train your brain to go into the meditative state more quickly and more deeply, so give it a try if you'd like to learn mindfulness, or enhance your current practice.

Of course meditation is an ancient art, and the value of calming the mind to see clearly is conveyed in this story, which also has ancient origins:

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess sat at the edge of a clear, ornate pool in her palace grounds. As she leaned over to gaze at her reflection, her priceless crown tumbled from her head and into the water with a loud splash.

At the sound of her all-is-lost scream, royal attendants rushed to her from all sides. Frantically, they jumped one after the other into the pool, thrashing about in search of the precious object.

Of course, all this effort did nothing but churn the water and swirl up a lot of mud and rotten debris from the bottom of the pool. The water grew murky. The crown disappeared from view. The princess and her attendants panicked.

Now, who should come upon this chaotic scene but the palace storyteller, a bent and bowed old man with twinkling eyes.

With one glance, he took in the chaos. Rather than join the maelstrom, he sat calmly down at the princess's side and immediately launched into a riveting tale of times gone by.

His sonorous voice wove such a fascinating tapestry of love and adventure that the aides climbed out of the pool to sit down nearby and listen raptly. And the princess herself stopped shrieking, forgetting all about the lost crown.

By the time the storyteller came to the end of his elaborate, embellished tale, everyone and everything – even the mud in the pool – had settled down.

And so, the storyteller reached into the pool, once again still and clear, and easily plucked out the now plainly visible crown.

Of course, the pool is your mind, and the storyteller is the part of you that knows how to calm things down, and see clearly. The part that you get in touch with when you meditate.

So if you ever get the feeling that you may have 'lost your crown,' give Mindfulness Meditation Training a try.

To calm pools, and wise storytellers,

Roger Elliott
Co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads

How I used hypnosis to go from being unemployed with rock bottom self confidence and Mark and I used it in building our 7-figure company...

Roger Elliot
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