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4 Ways Calibrating the Pipettes is Important


Pipettes are considered to be one of the most ubiquitous parts of the laboratories, which are completely equipped with all the other necessary pieces of equipment. Pipette calibration is one of the most important aspects of ideal laboratory practice. Pipettes are responsible for delivering accurate and precise results when they are calibrated at least twice every year by the professional calibration service providers. However, it is obvious that they are going to wear out when they are used on a regular basis. This can have a bad impact on the accuracy of the results.

Given below is a list of the reasons as to why pipette calibration is extremely important and why you need to take care of it...

1. Helps in maintaining accuracy

It is obvious that you know if you do not maintain your car regularly, it is going to result in low mileage. In a similar manner, if you are not maintaining your pipette, it is going to provide inaccurate results even when a skilled technician is handling it. The appropriate way of ensuring the precision of performance is by ensuring that your pipettes are calibrated on the basis of the standards as well as specifications.

2. Helps in improving performance

Pipettes should definitely undergo preventive maintenance as well as performance verification so that they can work in an accurate and optimal manner. A pipette is a sensitive piece of laboratory equipment, which has the ability to deliver expected volumes and it is highly dependent on the environment. Calibration makes sure that the performance is precise and it prevents any kind of pipetting errors.

3. Helps in reducing cost

Just like measurement standards have been established for distinguishing between the valid as well as invalid processes, the pipette calibration standard has been designed for ensuring the accuracy of the pipette. These specifications are responsible for eliminating any kinds of risks associated with the error, along with the downstream costs.

4. Improves the functionality of pipette

The fatigue of the operator is considered to be the main cause as to why accuracy is declined. This is why the calibration companies are responsible for exercising great control over the total number of pipettes, which are calibrated regularly. Pipettes are responsible for consisting of a number of compounds, which work in synchronization for creating a vacuum. All these components are exposed to environmental changes, liquid corrosion, and frequent adjustments. This can interfere with the functionality of the pipette. Using professional calibration services will help in identifying all these defects as well as malfunctioning parts, in order to ensure the ideal functioning.

Calibration of pipettes is significant in order to get appropriate results even when the pipette regimes are repeated. You need to consider the following when you are finalizing professional calibration services.

  • Appropriate accreditation.
  • Using ultra microbalance for a micropipette.
  • A proper stock of important spare parts.
  • Comprehensive software for pipette management.


Without proper calibration, it is impossible to get accurate results. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are taking care of the calibration of your pipettes, so that accuracy can be maintained.

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