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Limiting Toxins in Your Body

By Elliot Caleira

People should be concerned about all the toxins that can get into their bodies. Various toxins exist in all sorts of products as well as the environment. Toxins can be found in hygienic products, cleaning agents as well as in the food people eat every day. A house could have mold as well as allergens in the dust and more. It is important for a person to be aware of the things they put on their skin, in their mouth, what they use for cleaning and more.


Every part of a person's body can experience a negative effect from toxins. They can impact a person's brain causing everything from word confusion to headaches, poor memory, vertigo, erratic behavior. Toxins have also been connected to an increase in mental decline. Common toxins can be inhaled when a person breathes, or they can be absorbed through the skin when using a cream and more. It can also be ingested from things people drink, eat and more.

Kidney Damage

A person's kidney is exposed to a body's waste products and toxins. It is possible for toxins to cause damage to a person's kidney. There is research being done with stem cell kidney rejuvenation. The goal will be to have a kidney damaged by toxins be able to rejuvenate itself into a healthy one. There has been some success with spontaneous kidney regeneration, but research is incomplete at this time.

Beauty Products

The average woman in America will use a dozen cosmetic and personal care products daily. There are about six used by the average man. When these products are used, the chemicals in them are quickly absorbed into a person's skin. They are then transported to all organs in a person's body. It's possible people trying to look good on the outside could be placing toxins on the inside of their body. It is advised people try to only use natural beauty products. Use ones without aluminum, parabens, acrylates, oxybenzone, formaldehyde as well as have no fragrance.


It is possible to do a blood test that will measure a protein in a person's body to determine if they've been exposed to high levels of mold. Mold exposure involves skin irritation, sneezing, coughing watery eyes and more. If someone has been exposed to a moldy environment for a period of time, it is important they remove themselves from it as soon as possible. Mold treatment is available. A person could be given metabolic support supplements, binding agents, antifungals and other types of medications.

Tongue Scraping

When people are sleeping, their body is trying to cleanse itself of toxins. Many of these toxins are deposited on a person's tongue. It's possible for a tongue to have a thick coating or taste strange. This coating can be gently scraped off in the morning. It will help a person avoid their body reabsorbing these toxins.

Oil Pulling

This involves a person taking a tablespoon of oil and swishing it around in their mouth for several minutes in the morning. The oil will draw out the toxins located in a person's mouth. It will help remove toxins from a person's blood. It also helps with cleansing and detoxification other areas of the body.

Dry Skin Brushing

A person's skin is the largest organ on their body. It is crucial to eliminate toxins from it. Dead skin cells can contain external pollution, skin care products, excreted toxins and more. If a person's skin can't release its toxins, it could result in eczema, itchiness, psoriasis, hives and more. Dry skin brushing is an effective way to eliminate dead skin cells. It will also increase the flow of fluids around the cells, improve the blood flow and health of a person's skin.

There are toxins in several different aspects of the modern world. Many of them can pose a wide range of health hazards. It is important to understand how toxins can get into a person's body. Knowing what steps can be taken to significantly decrease or eliminate them is important. It can lead to improved mental health as well as physical health and more.

Elliot CaleiraElliot Caleira is a freelance writer in the self-mastery and health and wellness spaces. When he's not writing you'll find him cooking or teaching Portuguese classes. More articles by Elliot.

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