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6 Ways to Take 15 Minutes
of Daily Relaxation


By Elliot Caleira

You don’t have to experience a complete overhaul so that you can transform your life. Some simple overhauls can help you achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. Design your life with simple routine activities to keep things simple and effective. Ensure that the daily stressful, busy schedule at home and your workplace does not make you a slave of your own life. Find things that you enjoy and incorporate them into your day to lead a happy and healthy life.

There are various benefits of taking a 15 minute break each day to involve in non-formal stuff that you like. It is advisable to spend the 15 minutes rest alone to avoid distractions that would disconnect you from your inner self. The following are some of the common things you can do while having a 15 minutes rest from your tiresome daily activities...

  1. Listen to your favorite music
    According to various research reports, listening to a soothing music that brings you joy is good for your health. Joyful music can decrease blood pressure of the patients who suffer from high blood pressure and anxiety. A research that was conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center showed that people who take time to listen to their favorite joyful music gain some healthy effects on the function of blood vessels. Majority of the people who participated in this study revealed that country music allows them some joyful moments more than other music genres.
  2. Meditation
    Meditation is the act of allowing your mind calm moments with the aim of refreshing your brain. Setting aside at least 15 minutes to meditate allows you a sense of calmness and lowers negative emotions. This way, you are likely to manage stress and have a happier and healthier life in the long run. During meditation, ensure that you get your attention away from negative life experiences such as stressful family members, friends, and activities. Fantasize about the best life experiences that you have ever had and try to figure out how you would spend such moments again in future.
  3. Go outdoors
    Nature is full of beauty. Take a 15-minutes’ walk outside your home and observe the beauty of nature. You are likely to fall in love with beautiful rocks, trees, buildings, rivers or any other natural feature. Research shows that taking time to observe the beauty of natural features that you love makes you more healthy and happy in life.
  4. Consider a warm shower
    Spending your 15 minute rest in the bathroom can be enjoyable. Ensure that you soak yourself in warm water and let the stillness of the water caress you. Listen to the silence of the room then start to meditate. A sitz bath may also work better for you. You are likely to get some inner peace and calmness that you have never experienced for a long time. Studies show that warm water can relax stiff muscles of the body and in the event counteract the physical symptoms resulting from stress. Always ensure that you don’t use water that is too hot for your body. Test the temperature of the warm water with your hand before you get into the bathtub.
  5. Prepare your next meal
    Preparing meals is enjoyable when you have enough time for it. Meals that are prepared less hurriedly are more likely to be delicious. Additionally, you may feel relaxed when you spend time in the kitchen. Use your 15 minutes rest to chop all the fresh vegetables such as carrots, peppers, and onions that you intend to use to prepare your next meal.
  6. Just move
    Sometimes your body feels like moving around without aiming at anything in particular. You can dance, run or walk. Experts recommend a 30 minutes physical exercise a day for at least five days in a week for a healthy physique. Taking a 15 minutes’ walk twice a day gets you to the recommended average physical activity.

It is a valuable thing to set aside some time to listen to your innermost. The tips that are discussed in this article guides you on how you can reap the reward of taking a 15 minutes' break every day for a healthier and happier life.

Elliot CaleiraElliot Caleira is a freelance writer in the self-mastery and health and wellness spaces. When he's not writing you'll find him cooking or teaching Portuguese classes. More articles by Elliot.

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