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5 Daily Activities to Live a Healthy Life

healthy life

By Elliot Caleira

Good health results from decisions you make every day to give your body the care it needs to function properly. However, occasional attention to your diet and a rare bout of exercise are not enough to prime your body for optimum health. Rather, it is the regular daily measures you take to stay healthy that make the difference in your long-term health. Here are a few of the actions that experts recommend implementing on a daily basis to ensure your continued good health.

1 – Exercise Regularly
Medical research makes it clear that exercise is the single most important action you can take to ensure good health over the years. The human body was meant to move, and sitting can have devastating effects on the body’s ability to repair itself. The negative effects from lack of motion are so severe that some experts suggest that “sitting is the new smoking” in its ability to cause damage to blood vessels and circulation. To counter this effect, individuals are advised to begin a regular exercise program to do for 30 minutes at least 3 times each week. Sports activities and actions such as swimming, hiking or cycling can also count toward your recommended exercise. As long as you are in motion for a significant period of time, you will be helping your body to stay well.

2 – Change To A Plant-Based Diet
Research also concludes that eating red meat can have a negative effect on cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health and even brain function. People eat much more meat than is needed to receive the vitamins and minerals for good health. This excess amount of meat appears to make the body work harder to extract the nutrients and remove the water from its digestion. Societies that eat much less red meat appear to be healthier, free of many of the cardiovascular effects of old age, and they also live longer. The trend toward eliminating meat from the diet is a popular one, and many restaurants now provide meatless meals. However, you don’t have to remove meat entirely from your diet, if this is too great a sacrifice. You can change to white meats which still provide the hearty flavor of meat, yet cause fewer health risks. Make a switch to poultry and fish or eliminate meat in your diet altogether, and you will enjoy the benefits to health of a more plant-based diet.

3 – Learn to Manage Your Stress
Daily stress can have as much of a negative effect on your health as smoking or eating a poor diet. You may not always be aware of how much stress you have. In fact, you may believe that you are handling it well. Meanwhile, the damage to blood vessels and organs continues to worsen. Work some time in meditation, exercise or working on hobbies into your weekly schedule so you can live a longer and happier life.

4 – Stop Smoking
Tobacco intake can have damaging effects on your body that you may not at first notice. E-cigarettes or a vapor drip tank and other different alternatives to smoking have grown in popularity in recent years. Many have decided to make these shifts to consume tobacco harm reduction products. Research also suggests that joining a support group or receiving professional health can be highly effective in smoking cessation that will help you enjoy better health.

5 - Get Regular Physical Exams
That annual trip to the doctor for laboratory tests and physical exam can be a significant factor in guarding your health. These tests provide in-depth information on how the body is functioning, so that your doctor can find small problems before they become life-threatening illnesses. In addition, the annual exam is a good opportunity to talk to your doctor about recommended immunizations and other measures, such as weight loss, that can help you live longer and stay active throughout your life.

Elliot Caleira is a freelance writer in the self-mastery and health and wellness spaces. When he's not writing you'll find him cooking or teaching Portuguese classes. More articles by Elliot.
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