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Essentials to Remember When Buying
Wicket-Keeping Gloves

When you play cricket, then you are quite prone to injuries. You have to take all possible measure to avoid the injuries by all means. The wicket-keeping gloves surely have a role to play. They keep your hands and wrists protected from injuries.

However, you have one essential concern. You want to invest on the best wicket-keeping gloves. We will give you insight into how you should make your pick.

Selecting the top wicket-keeping gloves:

Pick the best material for the wicket-keeping gloves

The ideal material to consider for wicket-keeping gloves is leather. The reason is that leather offers durability and comfort to the user. When we talk about calf-leather, then it provides a lot of comfort. However, you need to remember that calf-leather is not lasting.

Sheep-leather is flexible and comfortable. The best part is that it is lasting too. Another option worth considering for wicket gloves is Kangaroo leather. It is comfortable, durable and robust.

Texture of the gloves should be soft

Another thing to consider when buying the gloves is the texture. The gloves should be soft. The benefit of this is that your palm will not become sore.

Check the palm padding

Always check out that the gloves have palm padding. The good news is that the palm padding helps in shock absorption. The padding helps to slow down the ball. When we talk about padding, then cotton is a popular choice. However, silicon gel inserts have also become popular in the recent years so you can opt for them too.

Go for gloves that have extra finger protection. Ideally, the gloves should have T webbing support between the fingers and your thumb. When your gloves become sweaty, then it becomes difficult to wear them for long.

Go for gloves that have sweat absorption properties so that you can even enjoy a longer play. Another aspect to consider when buying wicket-keeping gloves is the grip. They should offer a good grip so that you can continue your play without any disturbance.

Remember all these essentials when buying your wicket-keeping gloves. Focus on these intricacies if you want to enjoy the game.

When you want to buy wicket-keeping gloves, then make sure that you do your bit of search. Try to compare different brands. List down the features that you expect in your gloves. See here for affordable wicket keeping gloves. Secondly, even if you buy the best gloves, you will need to invest some effort in maintaining them.

For example, you should never wash your wicket-keeping gloves in the washing machine. It is also not preferable to dip the gloves in water. The best approach is to use mild soapy water to remove the stains from the gloves. Always allow the gloves to dry out in the direct sunlight.

The benefit of this practice is that your gloves will not wear out. They will look good as new. Plus, you will not have to buy new gloves soon if you take care of the old ones.

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