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How to Make Sure You're Buying Quality Paddleboards When Buying Online

Paddleboarding is one of the growing watersports; this has been an open opportunity to online platforms. Covid-19 has had some negative impacts, but there are also some positive sides to this pandemic, especially when it comes to online shopping.

Today, people place orders online, and their products are delivered to their addresses. Many online stores deal with beachwear and apparel. It is tough to tell the quality from the fake ones, as the market is flooded.

There has been an increase in paddleboards brands across all the online platforms; some are very cheap. The affordability has lured many, but they don't get what they expected from the board. Read on to find out the tips to help purchase quality paddleboards on online stores. For more reliable beach wear and other watersport apparel, visit Cotswold Outdoor.

Paddle Board Types

If you are a newbie in paddleboarding, it will be best if you choose a board that is an all-around board. A board that will allow you to engage in many things while exploring different types of paddling and venues. On the hand, if you are a veteran and looking for a board that will make you move at high speed, it will be best to go for sports board categories.

To some watersport enthusiasts, they are always after limiting the number of times they fall so as they can gain more confidence, then ultra-stable paddleboard is the best for the assignment.

When buying these boards online, remember that they are meant for different beach sport purposes, like yoga, surfing, touring, and racing. To end with something that will make you achieve your goal and have the quality you dream of, then be precise about what you want.

Brand Selection

The majority of online paddleboard brand sellers focus on specific categories of SUP boards. You will get a quality product only if you list your choices by limiting the intense brand search to those listed.

There are so many types of brands in the online stores that deal with watersport apparel; therefore, you must focus on the ones that stand out with the best quality, customer support, and design. Some brands will not give you the experience you want as what they sell is a true definition of mediocre.

Look out for the Size and Shape of the Board

Getting a quality board online is not a walk in the park, but at this point, you are almost getting it right. Now that you are done choosing the board type and category and listing down a list of the manageable brands. It is time to decide which specific board fits all your needs and expectation.

Usually, large paddlers should go for the large paddleboards, but this is not the main criteria as, at times, it all depends on the individual levels of skills and preferences. There are many nuances in board shape and sizes; below are some factors that will help you get started and have a clear understanding of the impact of the size and shape on your general performance.

  • Long paddleboards have quiet continuous motion than the short ones.

  • Narrow boards have high speed compared to the wider ones.

  • Wider boards are more stable than narrow ones.

  • Paddleboards with narrow tails are less stable than the ones with wider tails.

  • Paddleboards with narrow tails have a sharp turning attribute when surfing.

  • Thicker paddleboards can withstand much more weight than thinner boards.

The above generalizations are essential in aiding you in reducing you're the alternatives that you had so that you can concentrate on the characteristics of the board that meet all your needs.

Check on the Mode of Construction and Materials

Before you conclude on the paddleboard you want to buy, it is vital to have some prior knowledge of the construction aspects of the boards you are bearing in mind. Many online stores have paddleboards that vary in materials and construction methods.

Single layered paddleboards are generally light and affordable and are usually constructed in a thicker form (6 inches) to cover up for the low inherent firmness of the material. While others constitute the fusion construction with extra support in material that helps keep the weight low but with a long life span and stiffness for various paddling environments.

Read on the Reviews

Don't be in a rush; before purchasing the paddleboard, take some time and look at the reviews. Please look at what other clients have to say about the product they bought; from there, you can decide to purchase or look for another online store.


Getting a SUP at online stores is quite hard, especially if you are a newbie, as there is a lot of contradicting information on the internet. Such information makes it hard for you to choose the best paddleboard that suits all your needs. Some steps can help you develop a final quality paddleboard.

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